Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yesterday was a good day. Jaden got a lot of loving and holding time in. I was at the hospital with him all day. Mom came around 4pm and was the 1st loved one to hold Jaden. It was really nice for the 2 of us to be there with him. After that, mom and I went back and had dinner at the RMH. Robyn and dad came over after dinner and we went back to give Jaden some more lovin. Robyn had a sleep over to help keep me company. Thanks sis.

Today went good. I was at the hospital all day again and held him for a few hours. I was so tired and wanted to go back and take a nap but Jaden would not let me leave. He was awake and happy and looking all over so I couldn't put him down. He finally let me leave and I came back and took a nap. After dinner I went back and then Robyn came again when she was done with work. They took 2 of his chest tubes out this late afternoon. After they do that they take an x-ray and they saw that he has a little air in his lung. This can happen when taking these tubes out so they have to watch him carefully. They will do another x-ray tonight and if it gets bad or does not go away they may have to put it back in. We will see tomorrow. Robyn is having another sleep over and we will probably go shopping tomorrow. YEAH!!! I need some new clothes.

MOM, to answer your question from your comment the other day, not only do I have the best sister in the world, but the best everyone in the world. Sal and I have been truly blessed by God to have you and all the rest of the incredible people in our lives. We are very lucky.

Well that is good for tonight. I will let you know about the chest tubes tomorrow.

Love, Steph
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Karen said...

Hey Steph,
What a great picture! He's just adorable!! I'm glad that you're able to get some rest too, and that you and Robyn are going to have some "girl" time tomorrow. That will be fun and good for both of you! Jaden will be in good hands......

Sleep good tonight and give Jaden a kiss & a hug in the morning!


wally said...

Yep - I think Jaden looks just his
grandpa!! Shhhhh, listen, what did
he say? Was it grandpa? What a smart
little fellow already. Oh, tomorrow
I will get a cell phone ordered for him. His dad will order a FedEx shirt
for him too. That way, he will be in
the loop.

Good night -zzzzzzzzzzz

Love, Dad

Krista said...

Hi Steph,
He is so adorable. It is great tohear that he is getting all of htis lovin'! You have two weeks to catch up on.
You and Robyn have a great time shopping!!

Beth said...

He is a cutey I am gla to hear ebvery thing seems to be improving. My prayers are with you.

Steph and Mitch T said...

Awwwww, he is so sweet! What a cutie not letting you leave even though you were tired. He's breaking you in, right? I totally understand that feeling. It's the same one you get when you wake up for a middle of the night feeding. You are completely exhausted and could fall back asleep immediately, but then there is this perfect little human staring at you in awe and wonderment, and all you can do is stare back. Such a precious moment, and everything else seems to fade away into nonexistance. It's ok...there will be plenty of time for sleeping 20 years from now. =D

Love ya,

kelly said...

Mama Rose what a great picture of you and your favorite grandaughter giggling together! That's a special picture. It's so fun to see the close ups of our new loved one's face. Who does he look like, Sal, Steph, the UPS guy...Just kidding!! That other picture of Kurt, Robyn, Steph and Jaden with his eyes open is also a great picture. All those pictures are definately pictures that need to be framed! Steph, did I ever tell you about the one photo I want of Jaden?? Oh and by the way Robyn-very cute shirt. Wherever did you find such a cute shirt? =)

Cindy See said...

He is just adorable!! And yes, it's amazing how tired you can be but when that precious baby looks into your eyes, all this love just pours out and "wakes" you up.

wally said...

Hi Beth (the post at 8:34 AM), This
is Steph's dad writing. I pretty
much know everyone writing on Jaden's
blog - but cannot seem to place you.
May I ask who you are? Hope you do
not mind.

Take care, Grandpa Kurt aka Wally

angela hary said...

Hi! Great picture! I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well.
Is there a medical term for Jaden's heart condition?

I have a bowl on my desk for pop tabs now. Hopefully I can bring you some next time I visit :)

Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Well, I think Jaden looks like his big sister! What a cute little guy. He just keeps reading the right books...

I bet shopping with Robyn was a fun thing for both of you. Go Girls!!!

To be able to hold our children , look into their eyes and see their loving smiles back at us is something a mother or grandmother never forgets. Oh, I don't want to forget daddy or grandpa's too.

We all love little Jaden and all the children and grandchildren. We have been blessed with so many.

Way to go grandpa, make sure he is in the loop!

Thoughts and prayers,


Mattie in AZ.

Steph and Mitch T said...

Good Morning! Isn't it a beautiful day today?? Such a good day to have Sal and the kids back down there with you. I pray that you have a wonderful weekend together and that Jaden continues to grow in leaps and bounds! I hope that feeding will go well and you continue to receive great news from the doctors!

Love ya,
Steph & Mitch

Steph and Mitch T said...

This afternoon the kids (Micah and Eden) were bugging me, asking if they could invite friends over. So Caleb, not wanting to feel left out, said "I want to invite someone over mommy!" Since he's not in school, I always find this curious, so I said, "Who do you want to invite over Caleb?" He said, "Ashley and Ethan!" I thought it was so sweet. =)

Steph T

mama rose said...

Hi Honey,
That picture is sooooo great of Jaden. He is just beautiful. Is that the one I took of you and Jaden?

Guess what? I returned all the beautiful little pink baby girl outfits & presents and finished getting baby boy gifts. Had to get a few more gifts for the "little Star"!!!. Went to Duluth today -- needed to shop more for cute Derek who is going to be 2. His birthday is tomorrow... He will be the cousin closest in age to Jaden.. UNLESS, UNLESS, his Aunt Robyn and Uncle Bill get busy. Plleeeeaaasssee :))

Well I am sure you have been enjoying the weekend with Sal and the kids. I keep on getting your voice mail so I know you are busy... :)) Hope you had just a fantastic day.

Love from mama rose
p.s. kiss Jaden for me

Krista said...

Hi Guys,
Just checking in. I always assume that no news is good news so hopefully you have been having a great day together.
How was the shopping trip with Robyn? I bet it was great to get away for a little bit.
Have a great day tomorrow!!

Carlos and Adina Harvey said...

Hey there everyone! Steph, first my world has been going upside-down for the past week and a half with several bouts of bad health news So I am sorry that I have not been there to see and support you in person. :(

I am soo looking forward to seeing that wonderfully energetic boy of yours on Thursday. We will have soo much fun! It will be great!!

I love you Steph and I can tell that great things are still lying ahead for your family, especially Jaden!

Love, Adina

Karen said...

Hey Steph & Stal,
Hope that you're having a good week-end together, and hope that we can assume that "no news is good news".

Did you & Robyn have a good time shopping and I hope that your dad gave you lots of $$$ before he went home to AZ!!

Are they gradually weaning Jaden off of machines and tubes so you can finally take him home? How awesome that day will be!!

Love to you all!