Friday, April 28, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Oh you guys I am so happy right now. Steph I want to thank you more than words can say. As you all know, Jaden has not been eating at all through the bottle. We have been lucky to get him to drink 1ml in a feeding which is basically drops. The most he had was 4ml and that was one time.

Well Steph, you made me prove the speech therapist and nurse wrong. I printed out the info on the "simply thick" you found and I marched into the room right at Jaden's feeding time and I asked them if we could try using this product to solve the thinking problem (or lack there of it I should say). Well, can you all guess what they said? They said that does not work any better then the cereal. They said that studies are great but they have done trial and error and this stuff won't make a difference. Well I would not budge and I said, "everyone's breast milk is different and we don't know how it will work since we have not tried mine." So they got some of it and mixed it up. Well guess what happened?

Jaden not only drank, but we had to add more milk mixture to the bottle. He ended up drinking 18ml. I about died on the spot. I can not get this grin off my face. I told them anything was possible, you just have to try. They did not know how to respond to this. I said "obviously this worked really well." The speech guy then said well this is VERY expensive. He said it is $1 a packet. We would use one at each feeding. ($8 a day minimum). He said the other problem now is that he only has 2 packets left so what did I want to do. I said (as Steph found there is a pharmacy in Woodbury that has it), I will go buy it then. At the end of our conversation, he said "I guess we should be able to figure out how to get some."

I was so excited to have stirred up this excitement. These people are wonderful and smart but many of them just want to go by the average and nothing more. They have all been so discouraging about breast feeding. I am here to show them all that there is so much more to life then the average. I even told him that Jaden has not been the average as he "sailed" through all of this so far, so to hold on because Jaden is just waiting for the right moment and then he is going to get his sprinting shoes on.

Of course, this could have been a one time thing to happen but it opened these peoples eyes that you have to really try to know. I still have no work on when ENT is coming. And I do not have your cool surprise ready quite yet. Keep the prayers flowing, they seem to have worked today with Jaden's feeding.

Love you all, Steph

p.s. Steph, I don't mind at all that you are a "blog hog."


Steph and Mitch T said...

Yay!!!! I thank God for the answers and I pray that Jaden continues to do so well with the feedings!!! I was able to share the news with Ashley too. =) I have a couple pictures of the kids from daycare today, but I don't want to post them to your blog and make this one bump down, so I'll put them on my blog...everyone come look!! =) Ashley is on cloud 9 having Aubrey here at daycare to hold, read to, and play with. She likes Josiah and Josh, too, but Aubrey is clearly her favorite. =)

It is all for God's glory--He is Awesome!!!
Steph T

Cindy See said...

Oh Praise the Lord!!! What an awesome report!! Thank you Lord!!

Sometimes things get routine and they tend to forget that statics need to be thrown out to at least try to see if things work. I'm so glad that you stood firm and made them at least try it.

Praying that this is the answer and it wasn't just a one time thing!

Krista said...

You go girl. I am glad that you were abble to get the information from Steph and stand your ground with those nurses. I know form experience that as a nurse it is easy to get into a "goove" and it is hard to get out of it. You stood firm and now Jaden is eating like a champ!! Wow, the power of prayers!!
Have a great day!!!

Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Steph, I am so very proud of you and
your determination! What a GREAT next
step... Right now, I am without any
more words - just emotions.

I Love You, Dad

mama rose said...

When I first heard this I was sitting outside in the rain. I was so excited to hear the great news. My first words I thought of was "Glory Be" and "Hallelula". I was elated. Thank you Steph T for all your research and suggestions for Stephanie. It certainly is an answered prayer. And to my Stephanie... way to go in standing up for trying new things and not assuming that their usual way of taking care of a complication is the only way.

And good for Jaden. Thursday night he sucked and sucked and sucked and at the end of the nursing you couldn't even see if anything was gone. Now he gets his reward.

Yeaaaaa Jaden!!
Yeaaaaa Steph and Steph!!!

Let's keep the answered prayers going strong...
Love from mama rose

Robyn said...

Hey Snez,

I just talked to you, and I am sooo excited to hear about our little Jaden eating all that!! How great is that? Steph T, Thank you for researching this and sharing it. Hopefully this is the difference maker, and Jaden can start working on getting stronger, so he can go home with his family!!

Give him a kiss for me (xoxox)

Love, Robyn