Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Click the box below for my sweet surprise. This is at full volume also. That is how quite it is (you have to click to find out what "it" is).

I found some simply thick in Wyoming, Mn (since we have none here). The pharmacist in the Wyoming hospital pharmacy told me who this pharmacy should contact there to help them figure out how to get it here. Thank goodness for some positive helpers. Sal dropped the kids off a little bit ago and is going to Wyoming now to buy it.

They did feedings all night with the rice cereal and he only took 2ml or so each time. I then used the last of the simply thick at the 10am feeding and he drank 18ml. YEAH!!! Praise the Lord!!! The doc's came in later and said how they are impressed at how well he all of a sudden is doing. Also, he had a chest x-ray that was not scheduled because they thought he may have problems and they looked good. Another, say it with me, PRAISE THE LORD!!! Let's keep the prayers rolling.

More audio to come. EXCITING new find.....


Krista said...

Hey Guys,
What great news that Jaden is taking the milk so well with the thickener. That is great news that his xray looked good. The small steps he has been taking seem to be getting him closer to the exit door so you can take him home! You have all done such a great job with all that has happened, it takes such strength!
Have a great week-end and enjoy your time together!

Steph and Mitch T said...

Amen!! Praise God for helping little Jaden eat and for such a good report on the chest x-ray! Keep growing Superstar Jaden!!!

Steph T

mama rose said...

Yeaaaa Baby Star Jaden. You are certainly a special baby. You have a mommy and daddy that are going way over the extra mile. They love you!!
Pretty soon you will be home the way you are going.

Love you and your mommy and daddy,
Grandma Rose