Friday, April 14, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Gonzalez's Heart
Well we talked to the doctor, she said everything went great. He is off of life support, his little heart is beating on its own. She said that his breast bone will remain open for a few days. She talked about maybe closing him on either Monday or Tuesday. They are in the process of moving him back up to the 5th floor. We will get a chance to see him in about 15 minutes.


Sara Wester said...

Steph and Sal,
I'm so pleased to hear things went well. I've been thinking of your family all day. I pray Jaden makes a quick recovery, and can come home with his family soon.
Happy Easter!

Mama Rose said...

What a journery this has been!!!

When the Surgeon came in, she had such a confident demeanor and the words that came out was "it went fabulously". Such wonderful words!! This is Good Friday, the sun is shining and I know the room was filled with angels and the prayers that were coming from around the world. So this a really a good Friday.

For those who were not here when little Jaden graced us with his coming, it was truly amazing I was able to see my family show so much love... Sal, who stood and supported the delivery like a pro (well, having three I guess makes you a pro) Of course, every once in awhile, he would have to try to get Stephanie's strong grip from cutting off his circlation. Then to see my darling Stephanie work so, so hard, and that last day, the last couple hours, the pain she endured, then when Jaden came out and they put the baby in her arms, she glowed with so much love, there were no words. Robyn and I were at the door only getting to see her face and the Doctor taking pictures a few seconds after the birth. Yeaaaa and Joyyyy is what is was all about. This young man was born on a master day, the 4th. month, the 4th day, and during the 4th hour. And of course in room 444. For those who have read The Messengers... (about angels with us) may see it as a blessing.
It has been 10 days - - - and blessings have come from everywhere, the RMD house, all of you writing on the blog, friends, family... My darling Robyn and her concern and presence through it all, Ryan and Tammy and Kelly picking up and taking care of the kids and their support, Papa Kurt and Mattie, I could go on and on. I am so blessed to see all this enfold and to see so many join in on prayers.
One last comment on this too-long writing... if only you all could have seen the composure of Stephanie and Sal through all of this. They have been so strong and steadfast.=--- faith never wavering. Tables sometimes were turned... Steph reminding me of everything in perfection instead of me telling her. :)) I know this, I know that God has everything in control and the journey has been a blessed one. It is only beginning. There will be the next step to this journey. Steph and Sal... you know that you have all of us to be there for every step. I love you dearly.... and I love my beautiful grandson, Jaden. Halleluia!!! Our Easter Blessing

Steph and Mitch T said...

Yaaaayyy! I'm so teary just thinking about Jaden's little heart beating on it's own, then reading Rose's post touched my heart again! =) Such wonderful news. Steph & Sal, you are taking a journey that many of us may never have to take, but if we do it is my hope that we could show the strength and resolve and faith that you have shown. I am so honored that you have shared with us through your blog. God is so cool. Halleluia indeed!!

Steph & Mitch

Cindy See said...

This is such wonderful news! Praise the Lord!! Happy tears are flowing.

Rose's post made me cry even more!

I'm so glad that you are surrounded with such love from family and friends. May this Easter be a blessing to you all and our prayers are with all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gonzalez Family! Good Friday it is! Steph - I've been checking in on you guys off and on today and praying that all goes well with Jaden! PRAISE GOD - what wonderful news to come on here and read! I have tears filling my eyes which makes it hard to type! I look forward to reading updates soon! You look amazing Stephanie! So great for giving birth not so many days ago! Love, Sarah Bjorgaard