Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Ok, so I did not get the surprise in today. Hopefully tomorrow. Just wanted to let you all know so you did not think I was leaving you hanging on purpose. While you are all waiting, what do you think it might be? Let me know. Kelly has her guess in.

Jaden was doing fine when I left. Unfortunately, they did not get the thicken stuff by his next feeding so we had to use the old combination we were using and he did better then in the past but not as good with the stuff Steph found.. I will search down the thicken stuff and go buy it first thing in the AM since they do not know when or if they can get it.

Robyn came with this morning to see Jaden and left her glitter from her shirt all over Jaden and the room. I was picking it off all day :-) Then tonight Kelly picked me up and we went and got our hair done. We also went out for Thai food (yummy). She then decided she would have a sleep over because I had a rough morning I guess. How sweet is she. She also wanted to keep me up late and watch the midnight bats fly outside or something.

Anyway I will update you all tomorrow. Nite Nite, Steph


Karen said...

Hey Steph,
How fun that you have sleep overs....kinda takes your mind off of everything else that is going on. But, it sounds like Jaden is doing great in spite of the set backs...

Can't wait for your surprise.....I talked to your dad the other day, so I know what it is!! But I won't tell - - I'll just keep checking here....Have a good week-end with Sal & the kids...

Our love to everyone!
Sam & Karen

Steph and Mitch T said...

Hey there! We had a good day yesterday here with the kids. When Sal came to pick them up he stayed and chatted for a while. We really enjoyed the company and conversation. In the meantime, Mitch's mom came home and all the kids (yours and mine) piled on top of her to read books. It was great! I showed Sal my calendar for next week, which is glaringly empty, and assured him that he can call or drop off the kids anytime he needs to. And by the way, you don't owe me anything. ;-) If I could send more money to RMH in your name, I sure would, but if I can work it off this way then I will!!

I am praying that you easily find the simply thick stuff today! I am praying that Jaden continues to improve and that God is glorified!

I have two guesses on your surprise for the blog, but I want to keep them to myself... I have seen what blogger is capable of. I'm sure that no matter what you put up that it will make me cry. =)

Love ya,
Steph T

Steph and Mitch T said...

Mitch and I were talking, and I reminded him that he has several "use them or lose them" personal vacation days left to use by the end of May. I said I would like to come and see you again. He said, "Steph, I don't think that speech therapist wants to see you." LOL I thought that was so funny. He said, "He probably reads the blog..."


mama rose said...

Hi Honey,
How did your hair turn out? I forgot to ask you. I am kind of sad that I won't be able to see Jaden and you this week as I will be staying longer in St. Cloud with the kids - - - wherever I am needed.

Hopefully next week, it can be until Wed. afternoon... so I can see you and Jaden.

We'll see what happens.

Missing you,
love mom