Friday, February 22, 2008

Latest Cardiologist appointment

Hello to everyone.

Things have been going very well here. We have been keeping the house pretty healthy by not taking Jaden out to often. That means limiting taking him to the school with the kids, church and everywhere else kids are. He has been having food therapy and they have us go straight to a room to help minimize his contact with kids. I feel overall this has helped us all to keep healthy. Let's hope it stays that way.

Jaden saw Chip his Cardiologist today and that went very well. Chip said his heart function was "beautious." That was good to hear. He is increasing some of Jaden's meds as he grows. Jaden weights 23 pounds. Chip's really only concern is the weight gain. Chip looked on a chart and said if Jaden continues to gain at the rate which he has been, he will be 4 by the time he reaches 30 pounds. That is not good. So we just really need food therapy to work and for Jaden to want to start eating all the time.

He is a loving, and very rascally baby. He has so much spirit I can't believe it. He is the perfect little baby and he gets so much love from his brother and sister.

He is still not talking so speech and us are working on teaching him sign language more drastically. He picks up very well but gets alot of them confused. It has been fun for all of us to learn it though as this has always been something I wanted to go to school to learn. Ash and Ethan thinks it's really cool also.

We are taking a family vacation in a week. We are very excited to get away for a week as we all need it with our crazy schedules. I am burnt out with all of Jaden's appointments and then just regular ones for the kids and myself. I also broke my finger so have had many appointments in regards to that. To not have a doctor appointment or therapy session of some sort for awhile is going to be absolutely wonderful...

My camera got lost and my computer died on me. Luckily I found my old camera and Sal is working on getting the computer fixed. He thinks he has it figured out. I have my pictures on my camera and my computer so I had a melt down thinking I lost them all. Aweful. I guess that is just a sign that I really need to make time to scrapbook to get all caught up. Hopefully I can start doing that soon.

I better run. Thanks to you all for still supporting our family with phone calls of "how are you doing" and emails of "I am thinking of you." It means alot to us.

Love, Steph