Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Time just slips right by use each day. It seems like the months just fade away. I have been asked by a few of you to update and I just keep forgetting to get on here. When we are in the hospital I update so much and pour my heart and soul into the posts that once I am home I just don't have the energy to update anymore. Besides that I am not a huge fan of the computer. So I do apologize and time slips by so fast and then I realize I need to get on here.

Things are going very well for us. After spring break Jaden started preschool and he loved it. His last day was last Thursday. He had so much fun that the days he didn't go he would beg to go. He really needed that outlet. Of course since he had been homebound most of his life, he got pretty sick a few times just adapting to all of the other kids bugs. His health is very well and we are looking forward to a more "normalized" little kids lifestyle for me. Hopefully no more homebound, no more surgeries and normal kids bugs in his body. We continue to use Young Living Essential Oils on him and the rest of our family to keep us all feeling great.

Ashley & Ethan are done with school on Friday. That will make Ashley a 5th grader and Ethan a 3rd grader next year. They have grown up so fast. Ashley is such a loving sister to Jaden and she takes care of him all of time. It is so sweet to watch. She still is doing dance & gymnastics and loves them both. Ethan is the most compassionate child I have ever seen. His heart is huge and he loves with it all. He is still swimming and also does boy tap/hip hop as well as gymnastics. Jaden is doing his therapy horseback riding this spring and has a few classes left. He will do a community ed. class this summer and it will be a sports sampler. His first activity. It will be fun to see. He has been asking though all of the time when he gets to dance with Ethan. Hopefully in the fall we can put him in a class to do some tap/hip hop.

This summer we are very busy. We will be going to Young Living Convention in Utah and then on the CA where we will drive the coast from San Fran to San Diego. We are very excited for that. We will take the kids to Santa Barbara and show them where we went to college and where daddy proposed to me. They will get to meet Sal's family some for the very first time. Ashley also will have a gymnastics camp the end of July and then we will go camping around MN during the summer as well as some boating.

Work is up and down but overall pretty consistent and busy. We are looking into buying a building to move the shop to as right now we are leasing. We have found a place that we really like but we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

Other then that life is great and GOD has provided much love for our family and we thank Him each and every day for what He has provided.