Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Little Jaden is so sweet. He is keeping everyone on their toes in NICU. They have been having a hard time keeping his blood pressure stable so they have been upping 2 of his medications. The cardiologists did not want the meds so high so they decided that they needed to give him a blood transfusion. This would increase volume that is needed to help keep him stable. This was hard for us as you never know where blood comes from. Jaden is 0- and Sal is also so he is calling the Red Cross tomorrow morning to see if he can donate his blood to use with Jaden. Hopefully he can and hopefully he can get it done by his surgery. If not by the surgery, he will still need transfusions in the future so we will still do what we can.

The surgeon wants Jaden moved to the hospital across the river where they will do the surgery on Friday. At this point, they are planning on doing the surgery on Tuesday the 11th. When it is official we will let you know. It will be first thing in the morning and probably last around 7 hours.

I am being released tomorrow around lunch time and then we will take our things to the Ronald McDonald house. We will go their first to bring our stuff in and then pick up the kids from Ryan and Tammys. A HUGE thanks to Tammy for watching the kids for us. Ashley and Ethan have been staying there since Monday night. We are not sure what we would have done without this help. THANKS!!!

Sorry no pictures tonight. Robyn will be posting a few and she did not have her cord for her camera today.

We will write tomorrow... ;) Sal and Steph


Karen said...

Steph & Sal,

What a beautiful baby little Jaden is, and how lucky you are to be where there are teams of such knowledgable health care professionals. Trust them to do what is best for Jaden. He is such a precious baby and so loved by so many people.

We continue to pray for all of you. Take care of yourselves too, as you need your rest too!

We love you!
Sam & Karen

Angela Hary said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of your little miracle!!!!

He's beautiful! I love the name you chose! I can already see Stephanie in him!

It's so hard for me to read these postings at work because I INSTANTLY get teary-eyed. I hate crying at work! :)

Please let me know where your R.McD house is so that I can come and visit!!
Let me know if you need ANYTHING!!

Thank you for giving me a call, Sal. That was really nice :)