Friday, October 15, 2010

Things are going well in our world.

Jaden in doing very well and he had a cardiology appointment a few weeks ago. His Dr. said that things looked very good however, since he had a Fenestration done at his surgery we may have to go in and close it when he is around 7. So 3 years from now. Jaden is going to preschool 4 days a week and he loves it. He is doing well but definitely playing catch up.

Ethan is a 3rd grader this year. He is extremely smart and pretty much all of his academics comes very simple for him. He is competitively swimming again this year and has his first meet in 2 weeks. He is my compassionate one and is always making sure everybody is happy. He is so sweet.

Ashley is my big 5th grader this year. She has grown up so fast I just can't believe it. She is doing well in school as well and is preparing for the talent show where she will do a solo singing & tap performance and then she will do a duet gymnastics performance with her good friend Tina. She is playing the flute this year in school and loves it.

Our business is still growing at a nice a steady pace. We have added to our trucking business a job which runs out of the cities and we will start that officially Dec. 5th. We will put on 4 trucks with 7 drivers and a manager. This will be an exciting new adventure to add to our fleet. We are also in the process of trying to buy a mechanic shop. We have been leasing where we are at over the last few years and are now ready to take that next step of expansion. We have a building we really want but are working through the numbers to see if we will be able to purchase it.

That is pretty much all for this update.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Time just slips right by use each day. It seems like the months just fade away. I have been asked by a few of you to update and I just keep forgetting to get on here. When we are in the hospital I update so much and pour my heart and soul into the posts that once I am home I just don't have the energy to update anymore. Besides that I am not a huge fan of the computer. So I do apologize and time slips by so fast and then I realize I need to get on here.

Things are going very well for us. After spring break Jaden started preschool and he loved it. His last day was last Thursday. He had so much fun that the days he didn't go he would beg to go. He really needed that outlet. Of course since he had been homebound most of his life, he got pretty sick a few times just adapting to all of the other kids bugs. His health is very well and we are looking forward to a more "normalized" little kids lifestyle for me. Hopefully no more homebound, no more surgeries and normal kids bugs in his body. We continue to use Young Living Essential Oils on him and the rest of our family to keep us all feeling great.

Ashley & Ethan are done with school on Friday. That will make Ashley a 5th grader and Ethan a 3rd grader next year. They have grown up so fast. Ashley is such a loving sister to Jaden and she takes care of him all of time. It is so sweet to watch. She still is doing dance & gymnastics and loves them both. Ethan is the most compassionate child I have ever seen. His heart is huge and he loves with it all. He is still swimming and also does boy tap/hip hop as well as gymnastics. Jaden is doing his therapy horseback riding this spring and has a few classes left. He will do a community ed. class this summer and it will be a sports sampler. His first activity. It will be fun to see. He has been asking though all of the time when he gets to dance with Ethan. Hopefully in the fall we can put him in a class to do some tap/hip hop.

This summer we are very busy. We will be going to Young Living Convention in Utah and then on the CA where we will drive the coast from San Fran to San Diego. We are very excited for that. We will take the kids to Santa Barbara and show them where we went to college and where daddy proposed to me. They will get to meet Sal's family some for the very first time. Ashley also will have a gymnastics camp the end of July and then we will go camping around MN during the summer as well as some boating.

Work is up and down but overall pretty consistent and busy. We are looking into buying a building to move the shop to as right now we are leasing. We have found a place that we really like but we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

Other then that life is great and GOD has provided much love for our family and we thank Him each and every day for what He has provided.

Monday, February 08, 2010

It's a white day out today! Now this is what Minnesota is supposed to be like. I LOVE THE SNOW. I remember those days as a little kid when there was so much snow and things were cancelled. How fun.

Things have been well in our house. We have been staying well until this weekend. Ethan got flu like symptoms and Jaden had a bad cold that as always turned into Croup. We use Young Living Essential Oils in our house and I don't know how we ever lived without them. Ethan's symptoms lasted a day and a half. I gave him an influenza essentail oil bath and that helped him recover completely. When Jaden gets Croup he has it for at least 3 days without medication. With medication it is 1-2 days. With the oils it is 1 day. It is so amazing how powerful they are. When I have to decide between chemical filled medication or God's nature "oils" I definitly choose the oils. So Jaden is crazy wild again today and Ethan stayed home just to regain energy back fully and rest. What a great day to stay home.

Sal and his dad went to California last week to see his family. He had a great time and saw his grandma who just turned 100 a few days ago.

That's it here. Hope you are all doing well.

Love, Steph

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Things are going well in our house overall. Jaden is doing very well as far as his heart and health goes. We are slowing bringing him to more close up contact places to get his immune system working but not on overload. Right now he is fighting a pretty yucky cold but we are loading him up with Essentail Oils and the cold is not coming on full strength.

We are having therapist come 4 days a week to work with Jaden. We have had a lot of emotional issues with the kids. Mostly Jaden of course. One of his therapist works 100% just on his emotional issues and well being. We still have a very long road ahead of us with dealing with the emotional aspects. We have to find a lot of happy mediums for all of us.

Ash and Ethan are doing well in school and they have gotten a lot more close to their normal state prior to surgery. It will all take time. Thats it for now.