Friday, April 07, 2006

Since the surgery will be on Tuesday, the surgeon wanted to transfer Jaden so he could be stabelized a few days before. This picture was when they brought him by ambulance to the other hospital.

This is when I was able to hold him for about 10 minutes. It was wonderful. Sal and I were also able to ride in the ambulance with him to the hospital.

This moment was a bitter sweet one. It was basically the next step through our journey. We wanted him to move to the next hospital because that meant closer to surgery which means closer to recovery which means closer to coming home. However, it also means closer to the scariest moment of his life. His life completely put in the surgeons hands to fix. God will show his mighty power at this point more then ever.


Robyn said...

What a sweet little boy, I LOVE looking at him! I am so glad for you that you finally had a chance to hold Jaden, what an awesome moment I'm sure that was!! He is one step closer to coming home with the best family he could ever hope for. All of you, especially Jaden are in my thoughts all day, and I look forward to the moment I can look in his eyes while I hold him in my arms. Keep you spirits high! Can't wait to see you all soon:)

Luv, Robyn

Carlos and Adina Harvey said...

What a wonderful moment. The pictures are great!! It breaks my heart knowing that you have to endure all of this and more to come, however I admire the strenth that you are giving. I look forward in coming to visit you and I will call you later today.

In my thoughts and prayers!
love, Adina

Karen said...

What awesome pictures, and what a beautiful baby! Touch sweet little Jaden and talk to him - he knows your voices and he knows that you're there. So glad that Ashley & Ethan were able to see him - I'm sure it was a bit scarey for them, but they need to be part of this to!

I check this sight so many times a time and am so glad for any update. Continue to be strong! Take care of yourselves and sweet Jaden.


Steph and Mitch T said...

Such a sweet baby! I can't wait until he is healthy and home with his family. I'm so glad that the doctors know what to do and can make little Jaden better again. These are hard pictures to look at and try to imagine what you are feeling, but I am so grateful that you are sharing them with us.
Steph T