Saturday, April 04, 2009


Today it is my little baby boy Jaden's 3rd birthday. Can you believe how time flies by. We have been so blessed with Jaden and the abundance of love he gives to us all. When you look at him you see the love pouring out of his body.

Jaden loves everyone he meets. He loves animals, playing trains, riding lawn mowers (which he demands to get unlimited rides every time he goes to grandmas house), race cars, old time cars (which when he sees one he reminds us all that grandpa Kurt & Mattie have one), Wall-E, vacuums, brooms, wiping the walls, motorhomes, and most of all cuddling. He has taught us so many lessons in life, love and happiness. He has brought our family closer together then I could have ever imagined being.

Jaden eats very little but loves CHOCOLATE, which he is quick to remind us is grandmas favorite thing. He loves french fries (only from McDonald's), noodles, bologna, chips, popcorn, regular corn, onion rings and tons of water. What a diet! We have to let him eat whatever he wants in hopes that he may gain the very needed weight. Ashley and Ethan don't understand why their little brother gets french fries when they can only have apple dippers. They don't complain though. They sure are troopers.

Jaden follows Ethan all over the house and copies everything Ethan does. If Ethan eats, Jaden eats, if Ethan sings, Jaden sings, if Ethan is wild (which is most of the time), Jaden is wild. He adores Ethan. With Ashley, he always wants her to get him from his naps and hold him. He loves to be held by Ashley, dance with Ashley and read books with Ashley. Ashley is his fill in mommy.

He is a true example from God of how we should go around in this crazy world of ours. He has been through so much in his short little 3 years, yet it has not held him back one little bit. It has only made him stronger and happier. We are forever grateful to God for bringing this little bundle of love to us.


Love, Mom & Dad