Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart
Good morning everyone. Sorry we did not bet back to you last night but it was a very very long day and I was too tired to come and update you all.

The doctor decided to stop the Pitocin at the end of the day. They put some stuff in my cervix to help soften it and prepare it for today. They started the Pitocin this morning at around 7am and the contractions have slowly started already. The plan is to break my water a little later on after my contractions become consistent.

The kids went to Ryan and Tammys to sleep last night. And Sal and I had a long night last night as our beds were extremely hard. I also had to get up every 2 hours to do the blood pressure thing and take a trip to the bathroom. We are very tired today.

Kelly picked up the kids this morning and brought them to mom, dad and Mattie. They will all come a little later. Yesterday was pretty long and hard for them but they did wonderful in the small space they had to play in all day.

We all prayed and willed so hard for this little bundle to stay in and wait to come out that it decided to wait another day. So started praying and willing it to come out today so we can start the rest of the process that we have to.

I know it is hard waiting and we really appreciate the support you are all giving, but if you could try and minimize the calls a little bit, that would help us to direct our energy to bringing this baby into the world. If you have questions, definitely ask on the blog. My family goes on there also and can help in answering questions as well. We will try and post the status more often or have our family post status. We can't wait to put a picture of our little love on the blog. Keep checking, it will be soon!!!!!

Love, Steph and Sal


Steph and Mitch T said...

So glad to hear that everything is ok!! I will be praying for renewed strength and energy for you today.

Steph and Mitch

Stacy said...

Hey Steph and Sal -

Sounds like you are holding on like troopers! Hopefully things will move along today. You and that little baby need rest! I'm glad your kids are doing good. It is hard to have them in such a small space for so long. I'm sure they are excited for this baby to finally arrive too!

Sal - Hang in there! I'm sure it hard watching Stephanie go through this for so long.
Stephanie - Stay strong and lean on your family and friends for support!

Thanks for keeping everyone posted through the blog! I'm praying for you!

Luv, Stacy

Cindy See said...

Hi Stephanie and Sal,

Everyone at SCCS are praying for you. Mrs. Schultz asked that if I heard anything to let her know. Let Ashley know that her class misses her!

Cannot wait to hear that the baby is here and I'm coninually praying for all of you!

Krista said...

Hi Guys,
The is great that things are progressing. I have been wondering all morning. We continue to pray for all of you!! All of you need to rest when you can so you have some strength when the little baby arrives.
I will keep checking and praying often.