Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OK so finally after trying many times I was able to post the picture of when I got to hold our little stinker. Although the picture quality is still not good. Blogger must be having issues.

Today the kids and I went to see Jaden (Sal had to go to St. Cloud to take care of some work.) When we got to the hospital, the power was out. We had to walk up to the fifth floor and there were 2 sets of extra long stairs for each floor. Still recovering from delivery, I have to say I was a little tired by the time we got to the 5th floor. I also thought about how he was supposed to be in surgery and power had been going on and off all morning so I guess good thing he did not have it today. They do have emergency back up but still there is no emergency back up for the surgeons concentration and focus.

We went in to see Jaden and he still had a fever and was frowning his brows alot. He was a little on the crabby side today. Ethan kept poking around at Jaden so I had to take them out. Well we just found out last night that there is a play area and if there are volunteers we can drop our kids off for awhile. I brought the kids and got to spend over an hour of uninterupted time with Jaden. I was in HEAVEN!!!

The doctor came in around the time Sal got there from St. Cloud. He said the infection looks to be from either the birth canal or swallowing some fluids while in the process of coming into this world. (I am a little confused with the verbage so sorry if you don't understand.) They also did the tests on his kidneys and from what they saw everything looked to be working fine. They were worried that his urine would go back up into his kidneys. It looked as though it is fine and at this point nothing is wrong with his kidneys.

The surgery is still scheduled for Friday. They will run more tests on Thursday and then let us know then if Friday is a go. We really hope it will not be pushed back again. We are very anxious to get on with this whole process.

We want to send out many thanks to everyone not only for the support on this blog but also for the flowers, gifts, groceries, money towards the Ronald McDonald House and help watching the kids. It means so much to us. We have gotten so much from you all in prayer and in thoughfulness We are getting support from others we would never imagine it to come from. We have gotten support from our friends family. How thoughtful and incredible that is. Just look at what God has given to us. We are the luckies people to have all of you in our lives!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you all, Steph and Sal


Asti Paath said...

Jaden is so cute and precious !!!
I miss you a lot, Steph..
I keep praying for all of you.


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

We are ready to do anything you need, at any time.

You take care , we are so glad you had some one on one time with Jaden today.

He is the sweetest little guy !

I think he has grandpa's feet! Jaden might end up wearing a larger size than grandpa. Do they make shoes larger than 13 ??

I will try to put some more pictures on with this comment. We will see....

Love, Dad and Mattie

Robyn said...

Hey there Steph and Sal,
What a precious little boy, he is soo cute!!! I love the picture. I can't wait to see Jaden again. Sounds like it's good surgery wasn't today, good friday will be better. I will call to see when I should swing by that day. Stay healthy, and we'll see you all soon!
Luv Robyn

Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...


I have managed to put some more pictures on............

You can inlarge them by clicking on the pictures , then they are really good.....

Bye, Mattie

Krista said...

HI Guys,
What a day you had! He is such a cutie!! I hope that all goes well for the surgery on Friday.
It is so awesome to see all of the support you are getting. We are all glad that we can help you out in some way or another, and no matter how big or small it all helps out!
With this beautiful weather the kids have been out every day and in the sand or dirt. The baths are wearing me out!
I hope that he works out this infection and you can get on the path to recovery and repair of that precious heart he has.
Hang in there, you guys are doing an amazing job during all of this. Both of you are so strong!!!
Take care and I will check in tomorrow.

Karen said...

Hey Steph & Sal,

What a great picture - he looks like such a sweet baby - wish that we lived closer and I could see all of you! I'm so glad that you had some quiet time with Jaden today - you both needed that! Take care of yourself too - get plenty of rest - you are still healing. And 5 flights of stairs - good grief!!!

We think of all of you always - everyone at my work asks about all of you every day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph & Sal!

I keep up on the blog, checking in daily to see your new news! Want you to know that I am praying daily for your little guy and know God has a great plan for him! If you are all up for visitors sometime after Jaden has his surgery I would love to come and visit for the day! I keep checking in and maybe we can connect!! Jaden is ADORABLE in picture but I know in person he's even more sweet! Love ya! Sarah Bjorgaard

Steph and Mitch T said...

I don't know why, but I feel like your post was just so full of good news today! I love the picture (and yeah, when you click on it it gets bigger and I think it looks great). Amazing about the power outages. I am praying for no fever today!!

Now for the feet...have you told Mattie about Mitch's feet? =) Mitch wears a size 15. His dad wears like a size 17 I think. It is so hard to find shoes for them, but yep we do find them!! lol... They look like little boats.

Grow Jaden Grow!!

Love ya,
Steph & Mitch

Steph and Mitch T said...

Oh yeah, I wanted to say that I wish I could help you figure out blogger and the whole picture thing, but this is one site that has me in over my head confused. I normally love everything to do with the computers, but this one has really stretched me. You have done a wonderful job figuring it out!!

=) Steph T

Krista said...

I just wanted to come here and see the picture of that darling litle guy! What an awesome picture of the two of you!!
I hope that they day is going well for you and that Sal gets to hold his big guy soon. We are praying for all of you!

Robin Potter said...

Hey guys!
Still praying every day...Wow! Power outages at the hospital - you know the Lord was in control of that one when it came to the surgery. Definately a better plan for Friday! Hope Jaden's fever goes down quickly. He is so very precious.

Your strength is amazing. Can you imagine not having the Lord in your life to hold you up through all of this? We are so blessed by His awesome love and strength. Continue to let Him hold you up - especially over this Easter week as we remember the sacrifice He made for each and every one of us.

Blessings to all of you and prayers that your little boy grows stronger everyday! Love you all!
Robin Potter