Friday, April 07, 2006

Ashley and Ethan's first time meeting their baby brother Jaden!!! The nurse took and printed a picture of Jaden so we could show the kids and prepare them for what he looked like before hand. They did pretty good.

Ashley was very quiet and Ethan wanted to touch and ask about all of the things hooked up to Jaden. They love to visit him. Just today when we went to visit with Uncle Curt and Aunt Diane, Ethan told the nurse she needed to be quiet because we were in the hospital. He also told her she needed to take all of the stuff off of his brother. Totally a Ethan comment, very funny and sweet.


Steph and Mitch T said...

Look at that BEAUTIFUL family!! What an amazing thought... I'm sure that things are going to be just fine. Mitch & I loved Ethan's comments! =) Yep, sounds just like him.

Love ya,
Steph T

Cindy See said...

Katherine was so excited to see Ashley!!

Everyone looks so happy! What a beautiful family.

God bless you all!