Saturday, April 29, 2006

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mama rose said...

I want you all to know that Ashley has been a prayer warrior. Every meal she prays for her little baby brother and her family - - - for safety, for health. No one has to tell her what to pray. It is a reflection on how her mom and dad brought her up.

AShley, it was so nice to have you part of this blog sharing. Your voice and heart are as precious as an angel.

I love you soooo much!!!!! Will see you Monday.

Love Grandma Rose

p.s. Steph & Sal, it was so nice for you to let them be such a part of this. Great idea!

mama rose said...

Dearest Ashley,
What a joy to hear you thanking everyone for their prayers! I loved to hear you on the blog. Your voice and heart are like an angel. What as wonderful sister you are!

(Want everyone to know how Ashley prays all the time for Jaden and her family, for their safety, their health, Jaden's healing. No one has to tell her what to pray for." What a testament on how her mom and dad are bringing her up.)

I love you Ashley... will see you Monday.

Love and hugs from Grandma Rose

mama rose said...

oooops I thought I lost the first comment as I got bumped off. Oh well, now there is a duplicate. I tried to remember what I had said... it was close, huh?