Thursday, September 20, 2007

I thought it was time to give a quick update. I know it has been a very long time as always, but remember no word is a good word.

Jaden has been doing excellent. He is walking and almost running without falling. He climbs on everything and likes to get a hold of all the things he is not supposed to. He says mama barely and that is all for words. He is eating a little better. He mostly eats (very healthy) potato chips, cookies, chocolate (he is a very smart boy for liking this one) and soup. That is what his diet mostly consists of. We try feeding him everything we eat but it usually ends up in Misty (our dogs) mouth. Give Jaden a chip though and Misty doesn't even have a chance with that one. He is gaining nice (probably from all of those chips and cookies.

OT and Speech only come once a month now and his nurse (wonderful Jenny) is actually done coming until next month when he has to get his Synegis shots monthly.

So overall, he is doing wonderful.

The sad part of this post... Steph T. and I have been following a baby for the last 10 months who also had HLHS but also his heart was on the outside of his body. HLHS is very complicated the way it is. Add on the outside factor and it makes for a very tough situation. This baby's name was Aiden. He went to be with God 2 days ago. Heather Lane, his mother was a single mother and moved from Georgia to Philly and quit her job to take care of her son who had been in the hospital his entire 10 months of life. She is a very strong woman and did this only with the help of God. She is now in mourning and needs a lot of prayer. Please send some her way. If you would like to go to her site, here is the link. This just makes you realize who little time we have in life. Go to and then you put in the CarePage Name: AidenScottLane

Thank you for the prayers for the Lane family...