Friday, April 14, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

So far things are going pretty well. We have been checking on Jaden and I was just in there for about 30 minutes. While I was in there, his blood pressure and other stats went pretty low so they had to do some things pretty fast and they would push and hold on his liver to help send blood to his heart to help it get up higher. In a matter of minutes he was totally fine.

It is pretty crazy to look at him and all the things that are hooked up to him. They have 2 towers full of lines and meds and stuff to help him out. He has 3 tubes to help drain blood, and his ventilator. It is so crazy when looking at him to imagine someone came up with all of this stuff to help a child live. It is truely God's wonderful power that made any of this possible.

We are going to try and get a little rest now so will update you with any new info when we get it.

Love, us


Karen said...

Good night - sleep tight - get some much needed rest. Give little Jaden a kiss for us...

S & K

Krista said...

What an Easter blessing indeed!! Such a little champ you have. He obviously takes after the both of you. You have shown tremendous strength during all of this, it is tryuly amazing!! Faith is a wonderful thing.

I hope that you were able to rest and rest well knowing that he is in the best hands and doind well. I will be anxious to see what tomorrow brings!

Lots of love and hugs to you all,
Krista, Ken, and family

Robin Potter said...

We are so happy to hear the good news on the surgery! Our thoughts and prayers have been with you today.

Luke K. has been calling all day for an update. He does not have a computer, but wants you to know he has been praying too.

I am sure it is very hard to see little Jaden after surgery. You guys are truly an inspiration to all of us. The things people have written in here about your strength and faith through all of this is truly a testimony to us all. May the prayers and support continue to keep you strong through the journey ahead.

Have a wonderful Easter!
Love, Robin Potter

Stacy said...

Hi Steph & Sal - I am so glad that everything went well today! He is a fighter.

How are both of you doing? I truly hope that you are taking advantage of all of the love and support around you. Sounds like the support is endless!

I told the girls that I work with about Jaden and they were asking all day how things were going. It is amazing how concerned people get when they hear about a sick little baby. They were all glad to hear that things went well. And they will all continue praying that he will grow stronger everyday.

I hope that you get lots of rest tonight, you also need to stay strong. Jaden needs you to be healthy!!!

Take care!

Luv, Stacy

Beth said...

this is a great report

mama Rose said...

Hi Honey,
When I left last night his blood pressure was doing so fine and I just looked at his tiny being and seeing the incision and seeing his heart beat gave me a sense of awe instead of what might be the first reaction to see his chest open and all the lines coming out of him that had blood in them. I saw the wonder of the Medical technology. But that little stinker... with his blood pressure dropping like that.... like you said, he is taking you on a roller coaster ride. It is a reminder for us to keep on praying for his strength to work through the trauma his little body went through. He is a fighter though and that alone brings tears to my eyes. When he is old enough to understand... you can bet I will be telling him that. :))

Well I will see you guys in a little while... am finishing up with some resident memos... then will be on my way.
love from mama Rose

Kelly said...

My prayers are still steadfast for your little stinker and everyone else as well. Sounds like a good update so far. Can't wait to see him (and you guys too of course :) again!

Krista said...

Good Morning,
Hope you had a night of good rest! You need to keep up your strength for this little guy and Ashley and Ethan. They have been little troopers with all tha is going on.
Have a GREAT Easter and I will check for an update later.

Steph and Mitch T said...

We are still here and praying for you! I'm looking forward to another update... *wink*

Love ya,
Steph T

Beth, Dean and family said...

Happy Easter to all of you from the Watkins in St. Cloud. We keep praying for all of you and Jaden. Anna has been reading all the posts and enjoying the pictures, too.