Friday, April 14, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

This morning Sal and I took the nice walk here and saw the beautiful moon that looked pretty full. Not sure but it was a great way to start this difficult day. We got to the hospital around 6:15am. I did not last too long before I started crying. I asked to hold Jaden right away and they let me. I was able to hold him about 45 min. and used about half a box of kleenex while holding him. I talked to him alot about what we expected from him today :-). He listened very carefully. Steve his nurse who I say is his "guardian angel" came in to check on him before he went to surgery and the minute Steve talked Jaden woke up and opened his eyes. It was really cool to see how he reacted to his nurse.

They took him out of the room around 7:30 and we all went down to the 3rd floor. We then got to give him big kisses before they took him. As Kelly told you, they started surgery at 9:47am and had made the incision and came out good from the anestesia. They called down from the surgery room at 10:45am to let us know he is now on the Bi-pass machine and are starting to sew on the graphs. They said things were going well.

So we are all here hanging out. Robyn (with a Y) and mama Rose are exchanging back rubs. Mattie is on her computer. Dad is reading the paper and Sal is shaking his foot being his funny annoying, nail bitting self. Of course I am sitting here being cool.

We will talk later. Robyn will post a picture from dad doing our "adult story time" from the book that Kelly bought, it is supposed to be funny but has only been funny when dad read it (thanks Kelly for the great past time book and of course the great surgery gift, brillo pads).

Love to you all, me


Kelly said...

You know the Krueger's-passing the time always creates new inside jokes...hence Steph's last post. It must have been your delivery Steph that made me laugh when I read the post. =)

Man am I thankful that I work 10 minutes away from where you guys are! I can't concentrate on anything else....

Karen said...

Brillo pads?? Whatever works! Must be a Krueger thing....Oh, that's right, I'm a Krueger!!

It was good to talk to Kurt - it's driving me crazy to be so far away, but I know that you have a huge support group there with you. And, between Kurt & Sal, you'll be entertained - #1 & #2!!

Just wanted to say hi - again - strong "thoughts, prayers & hugs" are headed your way!

We love you all!


Robyn said...

Can I be #3????


Robyn said...

What about Bill, I guess he's #4....