Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Family walk at the Cabin in Nisswa..
How cute are they?!
Kids slip and sliding in the backyard at the cabin......
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Steph and Mitch T said...

Yay--I get to be the first to say "AWESOME pictures, Steph!" Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

Kristin said...

Where is the cabin in Nisswa? I grew up in Pillager and have friends in and around Nisswa. It's so beautiful up there, isn't it??

We were in Pillager from Thur-Sat, so we were close and didn't even know it! Glad you had a good time :)

How's Jaden doing with eating and gaining weight these days? He looks bigger than when I saw him last :)

Love ya!

Mama Rose said...

Happy Birthday again Sweetie.

For all of you out in cyber land... It is Steph's big 3 0 today. We celebrated it at the cabin this last weekend. Jaden tried to sing... but he coughed instead, and a few sneezes... Many prayers and blessings to the littlest Krueger!!!

I love the pictures you posted Stephanie. Now that I have a camera and took pictures, I need you to teach me how to post them on the blogs.

Well, love to you and everyone..

Kristin said...

Hey Steph... sorry I completely forgot it was your birthday this weekend! What with all the stuff going on around here and being sick, maybe you'll forgive me??(insert puppy dog eyes here...LOL)



Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

I love the new Gonzalez's family picture you posted.

Hope little Jaden is feeling better .

He sure is a sweetie!

Our family cabin is a great place for us to count our blessings.

Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics! I'm sure your pretty busy with household and family time and want to just thank you for keeping us posted. I know we're all so interested in everyones progress and we can sure see it. Glad you got to go the the cabin. It's so peaceful there. Happy Belated Birthday to Steph! Don't let everything else overwhelm you, family first. The rest will follow. Take care, Megan

Krista said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time and lots of laughs and fun at the cabin. It was much needed by all of you. The kids are all growing so fast!

Rosemary was here for a couple of days andI sent all of the pop tabe that Evan had gotten from school with her and she was going to take them to the RMH for me. It was a packed full grocery bag.

We are heading to IA tomorrow for 3 days. We will be spending all day Sat. with Mom and Dad, Sunday we are going to our old church and then to lunch with the kids old babysitters. Then we are headint to Dubuque to a hotel with an indoor waterpark. Monday we will go and see Grandma Roberts and head to Rochester. We are staying there for two days, at a hotel with a water slide, and we will play while Ken does some continuing ed stuff. It will be a very fun trip!

Take care and keep the pictures and updates, we love them!!


Kristin said...

In case you didn't see this on my blog, here's the answer to your question... :)

When you are adding a post there is an icon at the top that is like and earth with a chainlink over it. Highlight the text you want to link to, and then hit that icon...


Krista said...

I forgot to ask how your birthday was......How was it and what did you do?? I remember turning 30, I think... That was almost 6 years ago. YIKES!!!
Have agreat day!!

Anonymous said...

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