Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Well, the last few days have been a little hard and busy. Jaden has not been feeling well since Monday afternoon. He has not been wanting to eat much and has been pretty fussy. He also has not had many wet diapers. The home care nurse came yesturday and said stat wise he looks great and he does not look dehydrated. He had only gained 2oz from Thursday to Tuesday. That is lower then we would like to see. Last night he was really raspy sounding and still not wanting to eat. I think he may have a cold. We were not sure until last night. Hopefully that is all that is wrong and he can get better soon. I did not sleep much last night because I would listen to Jaden and make sure he was breathing and doing fine.

On top of Jaden not feeling and eating well, we ran out of his Simply Thick to thicken his milk. He had alot left when I ordered more from the company on Saturday but he was eating so much that we ran out. So luckily he is not eating well when we don't have what he needs. I had to go get rice cereal to thicken it but it does not work to well. I am also going through breast milk storage bags like water. I can not seem to keep enough at home. I go through so many because Jaden just can not keep up wih my milk supply. I give him fresh and then at the end of the night bag the rest. I bag at least 24oz at the end of each night. So we have been working on trying to find a bulk amount to order without paying a ton of money. I have a call out to a supplier to see if she can help me out. I gave Steph T. the project of finding the info and of course she found some good stuff for me to check on. Thanks Steph.

We also had an episode with Ethan last night. Ashley and I were on our way to the St Cloud Christian School graduation and Sal called saying I had to come home that Ethan would need stiches. He was playing around and hit his head on our bakers rack. We took him to the ER and he needed 5 stiches. They actually used staples. Robyn met us there so she could take Ashley for us. That was extremely helpful. Thank you Robyn!! Ethan was such a strong little guy. He was asking the nurses what their names were and telling them all kinds of stories. He loves to talk now and was doing alot of that. He was telling them how strong he was and how he likes spider, super and batman. He kept pointing out his little brother to them. It was so cute to see Ethan dealing with this and being so brave when they had to put the needle in his head to numb it. When we got to Robyn's to pick up Ashley, she had a really hard time. She was crying and telling me that I spent all of my time with Ethan and not her. She said she just wanted to cuddle with me. We did that for a very long time.

So today we are waiting for UPS to come by with our Simply Thick and I am about to take Ethan to pre-school.. I will then come home and try to work on some laundry. I do want to take a nap but am trying to get things done around here so we can go to the cabin this weekend. We will see what today brings.


kelly said...

Oooh Steph. You are stretched so thin. If I lived closer I would definately be there to help out with what I could. Ashley is really taking all of this very hard.

On a good note, it is so cute to hear Ethan so proud and so brave!

Well, I guess Ashley had her accident where she needed stiches and so now it is Ethan's turn. (With Ethan I am surprised your little daredevil didn't need them sooner!)

Could you let Jaden know that he is not allowed to get stitches like his brother and sister. This is "serious business" now.

Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Oh, Steph...

It sounds like you have your hands full and then some.

Sorry to hear Jaden might have a cold. I hope he is better soon.

Dear Ethan, what a big boy! All those stiches ... You will have a lot to tell your class mates.

Thank God it wasn't worse !

It is such a blessing that you and Robyn live so close to one another.

Auntie Robyn , what comfort you are helping with what ever is needed...
You are the guardian angel these days. You have been the big sister who comes and does what ever is needed. You came running when your mom was sick; These are things sisters and daughter do, but you have been doing such a good job. I just felt the need to tell you so.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.


kelly said...

A little inspiration...


God says He wants to do a new thing for you, so disregard the circumstances and believe the God who cannot lie! The rubbish can be cleared and the bruises can be healed. Just make sure that when the smoke clears you're still standing. You're too important to God to be destroyed by a trial that was just meant to give you character and direction. Think: you survived by the grace of God you made it! God not only brought you through the valley, He caused you to gow in it and come out of it stronger. If you want to know what God can do, look at what He's already done for you and you'll start feeling better about your future.

Sal and Steph Gonzalez said...

Kelly, I know you would be here all the time. Thank you for that. And yes, this is serious business. Our whole family now has had stiches. Sal, all over. Me, my finger (from my bro when I was little). Ash, above her eye from spinning into the chair. Jaden his entire chest. And now, Ethan on his head from playing like he is a monkey. He just wanted to be like the rest of us :-)

Robyn, you have been far beyond what a sister should be. You are always there in the time of need. I don't know what I would do without you...

But what am I saying. My entire family has been here every step of the way. How wonderful my life of family is!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Hey Steph...You do have your hands full...So glad that Ethan's injury wasn't more serious, but it's always so scarey when blood is involved!!!

Maybe you should just hang out at home this week-end and have a relatively quiet "family" week-end - just the 5 of you. You haven't had that, have you? Sounds like everyone is really stressed.

We may go to Elgin - briefly - overnight on Friday. We haven't seen Sam's mom for quiet a while, and once my treatments start, we don't know how mobile I'll be...Probably fine, but who know!!!

What can we do for you?? Please let us know!! It is terribly hard to ask for help, and I hate doing it, but if you will, I will!! "Deal or No Deal?"

Love to your family....


Kristin said...

Hey Steph :)

In order to be at the VERY BOTTOM of the weight for his age (5th percentile) he would have to be 17.5 lb, and I think 50th %ile was around 21 lb.

We didn't sing at church tonight -- it was cancelled. But, I did let Diane know you are interested. We are planning on NEXT Wednesday at 7:30. Hope you can make it!

Sorry to hear about the stitches! To be honest, I'm surprised none of my kids have ever needed them! LOL I've never had any either... except after I had Alex and Chase (but we won't go into detail about that!!). ROFL :P

Love ya!

P.S. Have a great weekend -- whatever you decide to do!

Steph and Mitch T said...

Hugs Steph! I'm sorry to hear that Jaden is not feeling well! I will be praying that he is feeling better quickly!!

Sorry I have to leave town unexpectedly. I look forward to good news when I get back!! :)

Love ya,
Steph T

Krista said...

Hi Steph,
It sounds like things are getting back to normal. It always seems there is one that doesn't feel good and other crazy things that go on. Hang in there you guys are doing a great job and it is awesome that Robyn is there to help out too. I'm sure when she has a little one of her own that you will be right there to do the smae thing for them.
Jaden is such a tough little guy. It was still so wtrange to look at those pictures and see where he had had his surgery. It seems that so many great things have happened for him in his short few weeks of life.
I have an over flowing grocery bag of tabs from Evan's class that I will have to drop off when we are in the cities next.
Our cabin is in Spicer. About 20 minutes from Wilmar. How far is St. Cload from there? I think that Rosemary and I went ot St. Cloud years ago, before I had Evan.
Have a great week-end and give the kids hugs from us.

wally said...

Steph/Krista - Spicer is about 40-50
miles SW of St. Cloud down highway 23.

Wally in Mpls.

Krista said...

I thought that it was pretty close. We will have to get together sometime when we are there for a long week-end. We have been having "work week-ends" to get brush, leaves, and planting done. There is a place that washes out from the rain and Rosemary has been planting for the last five years to help fill up the space so it can't wash out. When Ken and I were there it was raining Army worms. It was so gross, they were in heaps on the ground. I had never seen anything like that before. Then they told me that people have slipped and fallen becasue fo the worms. YUCK!!
All for now.

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