Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

We had our first cardiology appointment today. Dr. Martin said everything looked really well with Jaden. He did say that Jaden's hemoglobin was low so we are giving him iron and he will be checked in 2 weeks. If it is still low, they will give him a transfusion and he will have to stay in the hospital overnight. I said that was not going to happen. So please keep the prayers coming in general for the health of Jaden and that everything is how it should be.

He is eating well and gaining weight well. He is still congested and sounds really bad. We have had many long nights and are hoping that his congestion goes away really soon.

We are staying home this weekend and working on the house. Kelly will come up Saturday to help around the house. We will hopefully make it to church finally if Jaden is not too sick still. Ethan will get his staples out tomorrow morning from his fall last week. He has liked showing them off to everyone and I am sure will miss the attention.

Love to you all!!!


mama rose said...

Hey Jaden,
Get on the mend sweetie!!! I will be praying for you and your getting uncongested. There's a lot of people at church that want to get to know you ... so blessings to you and be well!

Love Grandma Rose

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