Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jaden loves his grandparents!!! Posted by Picasa


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

I love the pictures, you all look so happy.

Happy moments......
Happy memories....


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Steph ,
When you get a chance check out a couple of pictures I posted of Ashley and Ethan on our Blog.

Have a Great Weekend!


mama rose said...

Hey honey,
Really missed seeing Jaden this week. AShley and Ethan mentioned a number of times that they missed you too and Jaden. Did you see their note to you?

Did you get the ecards? Ashley picked them out. Forgive the one with President Bush scantily clad... we had only seen the first picture and Ashley got such a kick out of it, she was rolling over with laughter, me too. We sent it and then when I went back, I saw the pictures that can be clicked after that one. Hmmmm, that is not what mom would send to anyone. Actually it was meant for Sal since we go back and forth regarding Pr. Bush. I told him to check it out but you have the computer and he doesn't know how to get into the mail at home--the password. (that's what he said, anyway}

Kurt, I sent it to you too, I am sure you would have commented on them if you had checked it out.

Well, I started at the bottom commenting on the pictures. It is now time to go out side and see how my men are doing. YOu all didn't know I have men, did you? That's all I am going to say on that subject.

By for now...
Mom on the run

Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...


May I have your mailing address for the RMH ?

A little birdie asked me , as he has a package for Jaden....

Have a wonderful weekend with your Husband and family.

The Gonzalez's family are all super Stars.....



Carlos and Adina Harvey said...

It was really geat to see you on Friday, Steph! You looked great!! So happy and renewed. The pictures are AWESOME!! How cute is he?!?! How did you like the field trip? Very cool, I thought!

So since he is drinking more, I figure that means he is doing better? Any updated news on when you two can "break free"?? I am sure you can not wait to sleep in your own bed? Funny, how we miss the "little things"! :)

Enjoy your weekend with the family!

Love, Adina

mama rose said...

Hey Adina,
Was is cool running into you after picking up Ethan? Yes it was! YOu caught the three of us at our first garage sale.

Ended up buying a new barbie doll, a barbie castle with all the doo dads, a couple of little things for Ethan and some things for Jaden.

I couldn't help stopping, even with the kids.

Sounds like you are pretty busy with two jobs. But, but we cannot let summer & fall pass us by without doing at least one of Steph's scrapbooking parties. Can you imagine what fun to see all the pictures and stories around Jaden? He will have to have his own book. :))


Anonymous said...

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