Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart


Jaden knew it was his birthday today so he wanted to show off a little. Yesterday went pretty good with his feedings but still not too consistent. Well today, he ate a lot from the bottle. He ate a couple 30ml, a 40 something and even a 50 something. I was soooooo excited. I have been telling all the nurses that he likes to drag his feet at the beginning of everything and then when he is ready he sprints. He even woke up on his own a few times and wanted to eat. We did go to a 4 hour "feed on demand" instead of 8 hour. This helps control the volume he may have to take in through his feeding tube. So things are going well.

I am very excited to go on the field trip tomorrow. Ashley knows I am going and I am taking her with me when the field trip is done. Robyn and Kelly are both going to show up and surprise her as well. It should be really nice and make her feel important. And for those of you who would like to come and visit, just call my cell phone and let me know when works best for you. The number again is: (320)260-9096.

pictures below...


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Great pictures!

" Happy Birthday "

Today "Jaden" must think his bottle's are Chocolate cake and ice cream and stired it all together ,Yum, Yum, Yum.
He was having a party... Good Boy!

It was great to hear all about Grandpa's visit , moose and all.

I think grandpa and Jaden had a nice talk... I can't wait to see the pictures of Jaden's hair with moose.

What a good day you all had.

Ashley , you and Mom have a good trip tomorrow.

Ethan , you and I will have to go to the Art center and you can work on the computers again, we had a great time. You were Awesome!
You are such a good boy, and a sweet big brother.


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Did I say moose ?
I must have been thinking about Jaden and Grandpa's talk.

Mousse or Moose...

To be or not to be.....

Krista said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Super Star." It is hard to believe that it has been amonth already. those pictures are all great! Steph, you look awesome!

We are going to Ia tomorrow to see Mom and Dad and the kids are so excited. Today, Evan has his school carnival!

Have a great week-end!!


mama rose said...

Happy one month Birthday sweet little Jaden!!

You know you are loved by so many. You are one lucky "star" baby, and ohhhh so handsome. :))

Grandma sends hugs and kisses and can't wait until next week to see you and hold YOu.

Love Grandma Rose

mama rose said...

Hi HOney,

I am hoping you are having a great time with Ashley. I have been waiting patiently before I call you. Trying to figure out about the time you will be back. She is going to have a bigger surprise with Robyn and Kelly there.

I hope Sal remembered to give her the bag lunch I had ready for her. I told him I would call to give him a reminder but he thought he would remember.

Well I am going to comment on all those awesome pictures, so by for now.
Love mom

Anonymous said...

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