Monday, May 22, 2006

Ashley in her recital outfit hanging out with Auntie Robyn.
She looked wonderful and we are very proud at how poised and confident she is on stage.


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

"Ashley", you look so beautiful , bright-eyed and grown up!

Hanging out with Auntie Robyn had to be so much fun....

Steph, what a great group of pictures.

I love seeing all the smiling faces.

See you all soon,



kelly b said...

Love all the pictures! Everyone has such genuine-so-happy-together-smiles on their faces. Even Jaden is smiling in his sleep in that picture with Ethan. You can see the happiness radiating from everybody's hearts. Makes me so happy to feel the love!!

kelly b again said...

Ashely must be in heaven. First her much missed mommy has come home with new baby Jaden to love and then Ashley gets to wear a PINK sparkly dress. Life is good.

Karen said...

What nice pictures! So nice to see the kids - Ashley so beautiful in pink, Ethan so innocent (!) and beautiful Jaden...he looks so happy and healthy. Your family is truly blessed! Wish that we lived closer and could see you, but love seeing the pictures!!


Krueger Family Fun said...

I hope this is the picture you were thinking of and it works... This picture maybe should be made larger, you think?

I could hear little Jaden and his big brother in the back ground.

The sounds of children growing and testing their wings....

Maybe Jaden is wanting Chocolate!!!

Take care,


Krueger Family Fun said...


I got the picture on the blogg profile , maybe you can inlarge it . I don't know why it is so small on the posting. It is in full view on the profile.

We will all keep learning the "Blogg" and one day know all the ends and outs... You think ?


mama rose said...

My girls in pink---HOW BEUTIFUL!!! Missing the mommy. Where is your pink tutu mommy?

loving it,

mama rose said...

That picture of Ethan and Jasden is More than great! He just beams when he is around Jaden. I really think that he thinks he owns Jaden... that it is His Baby... the rest of you are just around to do the work. :))

Hmmmm, he takes after daddy, huh?

One of these times, Sal will have to read the blogs so he sees what I say about him. hehe


Krista said...

Ashley looks like such a little lady! I can't wait until Abbie starts stuff like that. Of course, she will dance one day and play hockey the next. Should be fun!!