Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jaden hanging out with grandpa Kurt,
grandpa Jose and... Posted by Picasa


Steph and Mitch T said...

Ethan is here at daycare today, and I brought him to show him the pictures. He obviously enjoyed telling me who all the people were holding Jaden, and tried continually to kiss the computer screen (especially Grandpa Kurt, Mommy, and Jaden). Of course, then Zeke started copying him. =) Some day when you are back home I'll let you stop by and clean the screen off for me! LOL

Love ya,

ethan said...

I chased the bunny rabbit away! I love you!


mama rose said...

The two grandpas... ohhh how great!

So what did you guys wisper in Jaden's ear? No manly stuff, I hope. We are going to have a well balanced young man here who is not afraid of his feminine side. hehe.

I was a good grandma and traded his pink gifts in for blue.

Jaden looks happy with you two, guys, (I was going to say two varmints, but wasn't sure of the spelling.), so you got to be called guys.

well by for now

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