Monday, May 15, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend. Sunday we woke up and were very tired but so very happy to all be together. Jaden wanted to make the day eventful and decided to throw up first thing in the morning. He had been crabby since the night before and he is usually a very happy baby. So we stayed home from church and just vegged out to try and give Jaden less stimulation. Mom and Robyn came over and we had a good afternoon and Sal and Robyn cooked a very yummy dinner with a salad fit for a king. It was a nice day.

Jaden has gained 2 more oz since Friday. He is doing very good and keeps wanting to eat like the star he is.

Steph T. I loved the story you posted. It made me cry. What a joy to know that life is not in anyone's hands but God. I learned from our experience so far that you have to believe more then any of the Dr's are willing. My motto for the year is, "anything at all is possible."

Robin, I would love for you to come over Friday. We can catch up on life and I will also let you help with our laundry. We have so much and that is so far down on my list. Give me a call and let me know when you would want to come over.

Love, me


Kristin said...


I'm so happy to hear that Jaden is gaining weight already! What great news :)


Kristin said...

Hey again :)

I would love to invite you to become a contributor at my blog... it's actually a ?? I've been meaning to ask. I am going to need some help figuring it out though :)


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Sorry to hear little Jaden's tummy was upset.
I guess he has a lot to get use to now that he is home and having more stimulation in his life.
I wonder if even the different smells,(people even smell different) outside air, even the inside air has to be different for him .
We all carry smells from where ever we have been or what ever we have been near or handeling. I don't think we even think about it , it is what it is.

They have some real good machines to take the bacteria out of the room or rooms. Your dad and I have talked about getting a couple for our home. My neighbor has 5 units in her house . She has not had to dust for a month ! Here in Arizona you can dust almost ever day.
Her husband is sleeping better too!

Have fun with Robyn Friday. Even laundry can be fun if you are doing it with a loved one.

I agree Steph T. story was a tear maker.

What does Jaden weigh now ?

It was nice you all could be together for Mother's Day. Good job Robyn and Sal, I bet the dinner was real yummy.

I'm sure even being so tired it is wonderful just to be home...

Is there ever a good time , or better time to call you ?

I look forward to seeing you all next month.


Krista said...

Hi Guys,
It sounds like everybody is adjusting pretty well to being home together. You have to take the ggod days with the bad. It is so good to hear that he is gaining weight. What a little champ.
Good job Sal making it a special Mother's Day. You have both done a great job!!
Take care.

mama rose said...

What a nice mother's day we had!

Yes Sal and Robyn made the best dinner for us. You could not have gotten it better at ANY restaurant. If they wanted to quit their day jobs, they could go into the restaurant business. Of course... Steph, would have to be part of it and it would have to include a Coffe HOuse with it.

After some wonderful gifts, the girls has a surprise for me the next morning. So Monday, the three of us, along with Jaden went out for a foot massage and pedicure. What fun that was!! Robyn and Steph wanted blue toes but they didn't have the color of nail polish. Jaden wanted a pedicure too, but his little pinkys were hiding under his other toes, so it would not look good with only 4 toes painted.

Well, Jaden... he has been our little glue that has glued so many awesome souls together. That means ALL OF YOU writing and reading this blog. He knew what he was doing all the time, huh? AS you see in the pictures, he is very very alert. And he has smiled at me a few times... you know, that kind of mischievious smile. :))

What a boy!!!

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