Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ashley loving up her baby brother.
When Ashley was done loving Jaden up, she decided he wanted to play with her Cabbage Patch Kids. Nice of her to share.
Frontgates (FedEx) newest addition to the line of trucks.
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Steph and Mitch T said...

Those are so cute! Maybe you will have to take pics of Jaden with the cabbage patch kids every month. It will be fun to see his head outgrow the cpk's. LOL.

Seeing the fed ex truck reminded me that this weekend going through Chicago we saw a fed ex truck pulling 3 trailers. Wow it was long! I was quite amazed. I thought about taking a picture to show you, but figured Sal has probably seen it all. (I am so simple minded, you know, easy to please) =)

Steph T

Krista said...

Nice truck!!! The kids are adorable. You should keep taking pictures with the dolls and we can see how much he is growing. What an adorable family you have!!1

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