Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jaden with his cousin's Audrey, Ross and Alan. Derek was busy playing so did not hold Jaden. Posted by Picasa


mama Rose said...

Hey you guys and one young lass, you look pretty grand holding Jaden. I can see that he was winking at Uncle Ryan as he knows already that Ryan does fun, wierd and wild things . . . . and he will be wanting to get into mischief too.

Alan and Ross, there is another boy in the Krueger clan. You would think that Ashley would be a tom boy... but she isn't, but as Jaden gets older, you guys can have a lot of fun. (Sal you didn't know you were considered the Krueger clan, did you? Well when you are with the Krueger clan, you can forget that you last name is Gonzalez. hehe)

Well, off to another picture to comment on.

love from mom/grandma Rose

Anonymous said...

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