Thursday, May 04, 2006

Grandpa came to visit and Jaden got initiated into the family with the usual moussed hair style..
How cute is Jaden sleeping and holding his pacifier..
Jaden and mommy on his one month birthday. Thanks to our photographer Robyn who only charges $15 for those of you who want to hire her... Posted by Picasa


Steph and Mitch T said...

You look beautiful, Steph! Thanks so much for posting all the wonderful pictures!!

mama rose said...

Now is that one great great picture of Jaden... all ready to try out for American Idol. Good job spiking his hair Grandpa.

And Steph, you look so wonderful holding your son. Pretty soon you will be home holding him. Won't that be awesome.

Am praying that it won't be too long.

Love you much!!!

mama rose said...

Hi HOney,
I was looking at baby pictures of Ethan's round baby face and Ashley too and Jaden certainly decided to come in looking like him and not his sister or brother.

All three of you kids are so cute but then aren't all little kids cute... It's when they turn 2, 3 or 4 or 13 when they make their scowls, and do their little numbers with their faces.. and when they are older,,, they have perfected face making when they can't have their way, that their faces are a little less than cute.

You have some interesting times ahead. :)) But that makes life a tapestry instead of a plain cloth.

Take care, see you soon.
love mom

wally said...

Sunday Night - 05-07-2006

Steph, I checked the can and mousse
is the correct spelling. So, the
mystery is solved. I am surprised
that Steph T did not weigh in on this
one - oh well. Oh, I am still looking
for those little finger-tip bandaids
for her fingertips. They should help,
what with all the blogging she does!!
Boy oh boy....

Love, Dad in Mpls.

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