Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Well, Jaden and I spent 2 hours and 45 minutes at the doctors today. He has not been doing so well these last few days so the home care nurse said we should go to the Dr. They did blood work and chest x-rays. The end result, everything looked pretty good. We are to journal his diapers and eating and we are going back at 8:15 tomorrow morning. They will decide if he is eating enough and having enough wet diapers to be all right. If not, they will want him to go into the hospital to get him back up to speed on feedings. Hopefully that will not need to happen. If admitted to the hospital, they may send us to the U of M. That would not be fun. He has been doing a lot better today with feedings but still not so well with the wet diapers. So we will just get him working on it all so we do not have to go to the yucky hospital.

Since we were there longer then I had anticipated, I had to call Adina from the clinic to see is she could help and pick up both the kids from school. She also took Ashley to gymnastics for me. Thank you Adina.

Hopefully we will get needed rest tonight and have a good outcome for tomorrow.

Love, Steph


Stacy said...

HI Steph - I hope and pray that Jaden doesn't have to go back to the hospital. He has proven to be a tough little boy and will prove it again over night and show the doctor who's the boss!

I hope you all get some rest tonight. I know it is tough when you are worried about a little one!

Take care!

Luv, Stacy

Sara Wester said...

Steph and Sal,
I pray Jaden turns his feedings around- maybe he just has a little bug and doesn't feel like eating much? I know how draining it is when your kids aren't feeling well. Try your best to get some rest and relaxation.

Mama rose said...

Many prayers are going out to my little sweet Jaden. Get back to your sweet little healthy self! Grandma loves you!!!!

Karen said...

Hey Steph & Sal,
We'll be saying a special prayer for Jaden tonight and for all of you to get that much needed rest that everyone needs.


mama rose said...

Hey all you readers, my little girl (that's Stephanie) is going to leave her second decade behind in a few days. Yes that's right she is going to be 30. She was born on Memorial Day coming up 30 years ago. It seems like yesterday that I was the onc with all the dirty diapers and loads of kids laundry.

She wants to stay home this weekend to work, work, work. If she goes to the cabin with all of her family, that means that when she gets home, she will even be more behinder. I wish we could wave a magic wand and wave the work away. If so, I sure could wave much of mine away too.

So maybe we can all wave a wand so Steph's packing for her usual family of 4 and now packing all the extras for a new baby isn't as hard as it might be. It is probably more work to pack for a couple of days and then unpack...than having the actual free time to rest Well honey if you come, we will make sure that you will have some good rest time.
Love you honey!!!!

Stacy said...

While I was at the gym this morning (5 am workout, gotta loveit!!), it was great to see the story on the news the Carlsen Twins doing so well. It is amazing that they were seperated such a short time ago and already they are doing great. They are going to strength their little muscles and send em home! They also said they may not need any additional surgeries. WOW!!!

Good luck at the doctor today Steph! I will be thinking about you!

Luv, Stacy

Krista said...

H Guys,
I hope that all went OK at the Dr. this AM. It is so scary when they get sick and draining on everybody. Use the support that you have and rest when you can.
Have a quiet week-end at home. I hope.

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