Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Where do you think that Jaden and I are? Where do you think Sal and the other two are? If you guessed that Jaden and I are still at the hospital and Sal and the other two are at home, then you guessed right.

After meeting with infectious disease and the cardiologist team, we were left with two options. The first is to have Jaden get a PIC line tomorrow. This option has some negatives. This would be much harder on Jaden as he would need to be sedated and put under anesthesia. He would also have more chance of getting infection from the line. We would however get to come home Tuesday. The second option is to keep the perifrial line he has and hope it lasts awhile. This option, the line will probably blow out so we will need to put another line in when this happens. Jaden has been an extremely hard baby to get lines in. This would be easier on Jaden but we would have to stay in the hospital until Friday or Saturday.

As of now, we have decided to stick it out in the hospital. This seems to be the easiest on Jaden. We will make that final decision tomorrow when everyone is back to work and we can get more information on our options. So we will most likely be spending Thanksgiving at the RMH. Our families will come here and join us. RMH is having a Thanksgiving meal and it is open to our extended families as well.

That is all for now.


Stacy said...

Steph & Sal - I am so sorry that you are going to have to spend more time in the hospital. Poor Jaden. I'm sure he just wants to go home and be with Ethan and Ashley. It has to be hard for all of you to spend so much time apart. You are a strong family, with lots of support. You always make the best of each situation.

Keep your chin up and keep up with the great attitude!

Luv, Stacy

Steph and Mitch T said...

Well, since you have decided to stay in that "dirty" hospital... *wink*...I have been up to my usual self. I was talking with Bobbi Heinen this morning and she told me a story that her sister-in-law told her. Her sis is an RN at the hospital up here and she said that one time they swabbed down the walls of a hospital room and found that they were covered with bacteria. Not sure why they decided to try this, but they did. They got an oil burner and some lavender essential oil (like we use in our diaper bags) and burned it for 20 min. Then they checked the walls again. The bacteria was gone, and even under the wallpaper most of the bacteria was gone! We both agreed that if you want to try it, you should--it's no different than burning incense. Also tea tree oil would be stronger (definitely anti-bacterial). If they won't allow you to "burn" the oil, maybe there is an electric warmer of some sort that will work the same. Just something to think about... =)

Steph T

kelly b said...

I agree. You chose the good option of staying the extra days. You and Sal are being so strong. I am so proud of you guys! You are tough cookies-but hey would I expect anything different!!

Krista said...

Steph & Sal,
You are showing just waht that family is made of by staying up and just going with it.
Unfortuneately, it is true that the hospitals are so full of germs. There are so many that come in OK and leave with some kind of bug. If you look at it this way, the longer you are there before the surgery, you can all build up yourselves and by the time they get the surgery scheduled you will be immune to all the bugs there. You will all leave healthier than when you got there.
God has a plan and I guess you must wait to see exactly what that plan is.
Keep those chins up and hugs from all of us.
Team Bentson

Kristin said...

Sorry it's been so long since I checked the site! It's been an interesting week around here... Alex and Chase have two weeks off from school (one down!) so my "schedule" is a bit different than usual.

One thought that has been on my mind a lot (and you brought it up as well) is the ability you have to minister to others in the hospital. I think of the witness that you and your family are to other patients and families, doctors, nurses, even the cleaning staff. God has put you there for a REASON! I will be praying that you will "find" all the people you are intented to touch with your story and your life -- your hope!

Certainly I'll be praying that Jaden will get, and remain, healthy.

Love you!