Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

I hope you are all doing well. The Dr's. had decided that we would most likely get to go home tomorrow. Late this afternoon they came in and said they had found a third bacteria. The antibiotics that Jaden is getting will not work with the bacteria they found. So tomorrow infectious disease will be coming in and they will figure out exactly what needs to be done and if we still can leave tomorrow. They are a little concerned because last night his sats were hanging low. Hopefully he has a great night and then tomorrow we can figure out a good solution so we can get home and have him recover there where he is comfortable.

Will update more tomorrow.

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Steph and Mitch T said...

We both enjoyed our visit down there so much yesterday. We can't wait to get together again with you. :) I am anxiously waiting to hear what the infectious disease doctor had to say. We are praying for wisdom and of course what is in Jaden's best interests. Mostly I hope that Jaden continues to improve and get stronger.

During a time of testimony today in church Dr. Kiedrowski held up his 14-month-old grandson who was born with I think four heart defects and has had surgeries with plenty of setbacks (once even having to be revived). While his grandson repeatedly tried to grab the microphone, Jerry gave thanks to God for the prayers of the congregation and for the health of his grandson. He looked so healthy! I know that the congregation is praying for Jaden as well. Many folks have stopped me to say they have seen my picture on here. :) (My claim to fame...) I can just see next year's Thanksgiving celebration and your busy little Jaden being the one struggling to grab the microphone. =)

Love ya,
Steph & Mitch

p.s. My arms are a little sore today...I was wondering why earlier but now I just remembered the workout that Jaden gave me!