Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

So today ended up being pretty hard. The procedure/surgery for the heart cath. went pretty well. The Dr. said that his artery was so small they had to go over the shunt in order to see what they needed. This is not done too often so they sent him to PICU which he will stay overnight. The Dr. had said that he is definitely ready for his surgery and if we had waited another month he would be a very blue baby.

So we went to extabate (take out his breathing tube) him and his O2 was sitting around 50% which was not good. They got very nervous and there was a whole lot of staff standing around his bed for a long time. They started talking about intubating him again and I told them that talk was not aloud in this room. We all laughed at my great comment through tears. After getting a heart cath. they need to keep his leg still and straight so they had him on a board. Because his sats. were so low they decided to take him off a few hours before they normally allow so he could sit on my lap. Finally after calming him down and getting him to rest, his sats. shot up to mid 70's where they are supposed to be.

He is awake and very uncomfortable right now. We are giving him a bottle but then we have to leave the room for a little because they are doing a procedure on another little baby. So I will be done for now and let you know how the rest of our evening goes in the AM.


Steph and Mitch T said...

Yaaaaayyyy! Way to go mama on getting your baby calmed down and getting his stats up. That is sooooo awesome. You have "the touch." =)

Sara Wester said...

I'm so glad this step is over- It's all I could think about today. I'm curious as to why they can't just give Jaden O2 when his sats are so low. I would think it would help to calm him as well as bring those sats up where they need to be. I'll pray for Jaden's comfort and strength in the days ahead.

Lynn said...

Hi Steph and Sal,
I continue to send your need for prayer out to my friends, family and co-workers. Looking forward to reading all about Jaden in the coming days and weeks and especially when he is back at home with his loving family. :-)
(love to you from Meg's mom; Haley and Nick's "Nana")