Monday, November 06, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Jaden's echo, EKG and physical went well today. His O2 level was a little low though. Tomorrow we go in early for his cath. The Dr. told me today all of the possible problems that can happen when getting a cath. done but explained the importance of having it done. He also said he likes to see his heart babies stay in the hospital overnight due to the many issues that can occur. We will know tomorrow afternoon if we are having to stay overnight.

The kids are on their way here right now and had a pretty bad morning this morning. When they left last night, Ethan started crying really hard and told me I had to go home with them. It is amazing how much they understand what is happening. We give them to little credit. Lana will play with the kids all day tomorrow here at RMH. Hopefully they will not be to difficult for her as they are very over stimulated and on a sugar high here when here.

Keep the prayers coming, we really need them. Thanks for all of your love...


Steph and Mitch T said...

I am here praying for you! It is kind of funny, kind of sad, to be back in this mode where I rush to the computer looking for an update from you. :( I miss you!! I keep wishing that I had given Jaden kisses when you guys were here on Wednesday. You will have to do that for me. :)

Mitch and I are coming to St. Paul both this Saturday and next Saturday. I am hoping that our special fabric will be in by next week so that I can sew Jaden's diaper and bring it to you (but if he ends up coming home before then, then we will need a substitute!!)

I asked Mitch to request prayer for you at devotions in the morning, so the teachers are praying for Jaden and all of you guys. I want to see if Leslie will put a prayer request and the blog address in the Monday Memo next week too.

Steph t

Sal and Steph Gonzalez said...

Thank you Steph. It means so much to us. I am posting here as we have no results but I wanted to update. We woke up early this morning to come to the hospital. Jaden was all smiles and everyone as always gives him so much attention and talks about how smiley and happy he is. We all know it is God's presence that has created that happiness.

I have been crying most of the morning as it brings back so many emotions from the first time around and it is also such a realization that the surgery is days away.

Sal took Jaden in the room where he was put to sleep. I could not go. Way to hard for me.

We will get something to eat and wait for this first step to be over.

Thanks to all for your prayers. We definitly need them.

Love, Sal and Steph

Anonymous said...

I get all teary eyed just reading your response Momma Steph. I cried too when Haley had to go to sleep for her surgeries. What is the address for you at RMH? Haley has something she'd like to mail to you guys. As scary as the whole thing is and the unknowns, I can only be thankful that we live in 2007 and have all the medical advances at our fingertips. I pray that God gives Jaden the strength he needs to come back home and give you better worries. Like getting a cold. Or eating his vegetables. Or coming home at curfew. Just remember that He has a reason for all this and how close it has brought you to so many people. Love and prayers, Megan

Kristin said...

Certainly our prayers are with you. I had planned on leaving the computer off all day, but Steph T said I needed to check the blog :) I didn't realize the enormity of all the stuff that is happening now - I thought the big stuff was later...

Anyway, it's good to know we have a great and mighty God that will make everything turn out just the way it should.

Love you!