Friday, November 10, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Today has just been a waiting day. We have been watching to see how Jaden's blood flow is in his right leg. It has seemed to improve but just a very little bit. We will be having another ultra sound on it tomorrow and then decide what we do next.

Since Jaden kicked out one of his lines last night they had to put in another one. So I made sure that whoever was going to do it brought their echo machine so we could get it in the first time. They came to do it and did get it in the first time. My hands were all sweaty by the time they were done because I was so nervous they would not get it. After they put the line back in, they turned his sedation drugs down and then waited for him to start coming to. Once he started coming to, he was ready to get off that bed. So we then quickly got him ready and extibated him. It felt so good to have him off the ventilator and breathing on his own.

He has been very crabby as I am sure his throat and who knows what else is really bothering him. We have been snuggling with him all afternoon. We will know tomorrow when the next surgery will hopefully be.

Thank you for all of your posts and all of you who are checking the site. It keeps us going and strong. Love to you all!


Steph and Mitch T said...

Awwww Steph, keep snuggling him really close. Get enough snuggles in for all of us too!! =)

I'm wondering if Mitch & I could stop by (really quick) tomorrow afternoon (after 4 pm)...and I'm having a hard time deciding if I should call you right now or not. know me! It makes it so hard that we do not have a cell phone anymore. I may try to call you tomorrow, but it would be a number you don't recognize (or a calling card #). Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Love ya,
Steph T

Steph and Mitch T said...

Ok...scratch that! Micah got sick overnight and on the off chance that we are carrying some buggies I just don't want to risk sharing them. :P Maybe we will come by next weekend--we will be only a few blocks away!


Angel Ashley said...

Hi Mom & Dad and Jaden,
I am doing well at Grandma Rose's. ON the way home we stopped at Target and I made Grandma giggle and buy lots of things... like a movie, Nanny McPheee, and some clothes and two kinds of cookie dough, and lots of other goodies. When we got home last night we watched the movie and giggled a lot, especially when the donkey danced because Nanny McPhee did some magic. Before we went to bed, I gathered all the baby bears and named them all and we slept with them all.

Please take good care of Jaden while I am not there. Give him hugs and kisses from me. I hope that you all are happy & snuggling with Jaden. I love you mom & dad sooooo much. I hope that Jaden gets better so he can have his surgery. We will be back there soon. We will behave because Grandma told me to.

Byby for now.
Love Ashley

mama rose said...

Hi Honey,

We have been having a good time at home. It was hard to leave baby Jaden and you but I knew you needed a breather from all the hubbub so the two of you could just be alone with Jaden. I just want you to know how proud I am of you guys and how strong you are to handle the situation so well and with so much faith. We know all of this is in divine will but it is still hard to accept things when it is especially about your own little boy.

He was so beautiful when lying there but again hard to see when he was being checked and teneded by the nurses and he would partially wake and want to cry and move and couldn't. At least he can be held and cuddled now.

Ashley is reading so well. When we were working on her note, she wanted to make sure I said everything she wanted and would read along as I typed. She wanted to tell Jaden to have fun and I told her that, that maybe should wait a bit.

This morning we did some coloring, some word tasks and made some cookies. Will do some craft projects this afternoon and some work out side. Keep us posted if anything changes. We will come back as soon as needed. Will talk to you soon.

Love and blessings to you today.
Love Mom

Kristin said...


Glad to hear that you got a bit of "alone" time with Jaden. I'm anxiously awaiting word on the new date for his surgery (as I'm sure you are!).

With continued prayers,