Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

We are home!!!

Thursday, a little bit before we were all going to go over to the RMH, Jaden's line blew out. It was such a horrible feeling. I knew we were going to need to try and put another one in. I was not looking forward to what we were going to have to go through again. Vascular Access came to make sure the line was no good. The guy that came up was going to try to put a line in and I said that I needed Ray to do it. He is one of the few that could do it in the past. So Ray came and we all prayed and he got it the first try. I was so relieved. So Jaden went down for a nap and we all went over to eat. There was a perfect spot for us all to eat and PLENTY of food.

After everyone left I called the hospital and they said Jaden was fine and playing in the hallway with all the nurses. So me and the kids went to bed.

Grandma came in the morning so I could go over to the hospital. When I got there, we found out that his line had blown out yet again. At this point he only had one more dose of antibiotics so we decided that he would just get a shot for the last one. The shots are not as effective but the Dr. thought for just one, it would be fine. Grandma and I packed up the RMH room and cleaned it. We then came over and packed up Jaden's room and left. Jaden loved his elevator ride down. It felt wonderful to bring him outside again.

We had a beautiful, sunny drive home. Jaden is still adjusting to being home and with the excitement of the kids. He gets a little overwhelmed and when ever I leave the room he freaks out. For now, the date for the next surgery is December 11th. I need to check on a few things before I agree to that date. I will let you know in the next couple of days if it remains.

Love to you all, Steph


Krista said...

What a relief to be home! That really stinks about his lines but good that they could give him a shot instead. I bet all of you are relieved to be home. The pictures on your Dad's blog are great and all of you loked like you had so much fun.
Enjoy your time at home and we will keep the prayers coming your way and hope that it is smooth sailing from her to the surgery.
Team Bentson

Sara Wester said...

I'm glad you made it home! It must feel wonderful to have everyone together. It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving too. I hope you got my phone message yesterday-sorry about the last minute change. Talk to you soon.

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