Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Jaden had a pretty good night of sleep and then this morning he was very crabby and uncomfortable. He had not had a bowel movement for awhile and when he ate he looked very uncomfortable so I told the nurse I thought he needed a suppository. After getting that he filled his pants a whole lot and since he has been much happier.

They did another ultra sound on his leg and found the clot has not changed at all so they will now switch to a stronger medication called TPA which should help better. Because it is so strong they will switch after 12 hours back to Heparin. So Dr. Harrington (surgeon) came in this morning and said she put Jaden on her surgery schedule for Friday the 17th. Hopefully the TPA will kick into gear and help to get rid of the clot and then we can do our now 3rd scheduled surgery.

We will not have any new info. until after the next ultra sound which will be tomorrow.


Sara Wester said...

Sal and Steph,
I pray all goes well with the new med so that Jaden's surgery can take place. It will be nice to get this step behind you and get everyone back home.

Kristin said...

Because of the blood thinners, will you be required to stay at RMH, or will you be able to come home for the week?

Just wanted to say that the 17th is a good day :) (It's my birthday!)

I'll be praying that clot away!


Steph and Mitch T said...

I waved and blew kisses as we passed today (and pointed out to Mitch over and over again which building was the hospital). Turns out that we were at the very next exit down the road. :( We will be there again next Saturday. Let me know if you need anything!

BTW, Micah and Eden are scheduled to be baptized tomorrow as long as no one tosses their cookies will have to check my blog for pictures. :)

You are on my mind soooooo much. I have dreamed about you twice. :) Must be pregnant brain...

Love and prayers,
Steph T

Marlys said...

I read all your letters since a week ago, and we have been praying a lot for that special little guy and for you and Sal too. We will keep checking each day for any news. Hope all goes well so the surgery can be taken care of next Friday. The Lord is watching and guiding all the way and we love all of you.

Marlys and Roy