Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Jaden is doing well. He is not to crabby anymore and is able to eat much better. He still has some discomfort especially when eating, but overall is happy again. He does not have the Roto virus but we are still waiting on one lab to come back so they are keeping him in isolation. This is better anyways because he gets over stimulated very easily and having a roommate is to much for him.

He does have bacteria in his blood, urine and spit. It is through out his entire body and they are not sure how he got it. My guess is the OR and they just don't want to take blame for that. They are going to have to put a PIC line in him to finish off his antibiotics. This will go in the arm and attach at the heart. Depending on what they find today will depend on if they let us go home with this line until treatment is done or if we will stay here. They will probably be putting the PIC line in tomorrow. Because he is such a hard one to get lines in, they will come to his room first to do an ultra sound to make sure it will work. Our surgeon's nurse, Chirstie who is wonderful, has requested the best person to do this procedure so hopefully there will be no problems.

Monday and Tuesday I so rudely cancelled visitors because I was way over the top and could not handle the stress. I have now settled into our new situation and we are open for visitors again. Sorry to all who I turned away..

Hopefully by day end we will have an action plan and know what we do from here.

Love you all!!!

p.s. For those of you who are bright eyed and bushy tailed, KSTP will be broadcasting live tomorrow from 6-7am from the Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald and Rusty Gatenby from KSTP will be here and they are making breakfast for everyone. I may go down but not sure if I want to be on TV :-) I am interested in the yummy breakfast though.


Myrna Rettegi said...

Dearest Stephie, Thank you for even being able to keep us all up to date!!! I think you did the right thing
by asking visitors to leave. Everyone should check
first to see if they can visit before they come. You are
dealing with a very serious thing in the hospital these
days. People are not dying from the original illness
they have but the bacteria, viruses, and staff. You
never know where the source is or if one is a carrier
or not. One other point, please keep up the vigilance
with nurses and doctors. Have eyes in the back of your head. Do not worry about what you are told from
them if you think otherwise as you have already done.
You are , by the grace of God, doing a wonderful
job. Keep reading Phillipians 4 over and over.

All my love Myrna:)) said...

Sal and Steph my prayers are with your family. I will be following
the updates daily. May god bless all of you.

From Wingfoot

Steph and Mitch T said...

Hey there girlfriend! I hope you were able to snag some of that yummy breakfast this morning. I wish I could have seen the broadcast. =)

I'm so relieved to hear that Jaden is feeling better and does not have rotovirus. Yippee! I'll be praying that the procedure for the PIC line goes very smoothly. It is my understanding that this is a very effective way to administer the antibiotics and will speed along his recovery (which is a good thing, right?!).

Hang in there!!
Steph T

Steph and Mitch T said...

Another little heart baby...

I was you know doing my thing...and came across the story of a baby that is incredible. He was born a couple weeks ago not only with HLHS (what Jaden has) but also his heart had formed outside his body. He has an incredible journey ahead of him--they can't do the normal HLHS operations until they get his heart back into his chest and that is presenting some problems.

Anyways, that led me to another page of a little HLHS baby that was born on March 7th, so just a month older than Jaden. He just had his Hemi-Fontan (the 2nd surgery) last month. It is neat to read about his recovery and the bumps in the road that they have faced. If you would like to access the page, visit:
Click on the "visit a page" link
You will have to create a login and password (free).
Then you can type (or copy and paste) in the carepage for little Noah:

The carepage for the other baby I mentioned is:
Due to the nature of his disorder, it may become hard to read over time but for right now the mom has been very very positive.

It is so fun to read the message boards here at these pages too and see the support that the heart families give each other.

Steph T

Stacy said...

Hey Stephanie - First I want to know that it is OK to turn away visitors!! You have been through a lot and I know that EVERYONE understands when you don't want company!! Do not feel bad at all!

And yes, I was up bright and early this morning and saw Rusty and Ronald. (I watch Rusty every morning at the gym) Unfortunately by 6:00 I was already in the shower so I missed them serving anyone. I was sure thinking about you though when I saw it!! The pancakes looked yummy and Ronald have fun flipping them in the air! Did you make it down to taste them?

I hope things settle down a bit there so that everything can move forward. I think about you all often.

Take care!

Luv, Stacy

Wendy said...

Hey there Steph, I'm so excited that I could view the blog now. I could now keep up with what is going on with Jaden instead of asking Sal since I can't really get much form him.

I'm so glad that he is doing somewhat better. I know that everything is going to be ok.

Got to go I'm at work.

Love ya!

Sara Wester said...

I remembered to turn on the tv this morning at 6:40, but I didn't see you. I hope you were able to enjoy the breakfast- it looked good! I hope all is well with you and of course Jaden. I was glad to read he didn't have rotovirus. I pray Jaden will be feeling 100% soon so that surgery can be scheduled. You've got to be feeling a little homesick by now. Talk to you soon.