Monday, November 13, 2006

Gonzalez's Heart

Sorry for taking so long to update. We have had a busy couple of days. Jaden had a really good night last night but the past 2 days he has just not been himself.

Today he has started to show us signs of what we were trying to figure out for the last few days. He has had a rectum temp. from 100-102. He has had runny diapers, not eating well, threw up once and is EXTREMELY crabby. He is only taking cat naps so is falling behind on his sleep.

We checked his ears, nose and throat and found nothing wrong. They sent in his blood to check and see if they can find any infections. At this point they are not finding anything. His O2 level has been low so they have put him on some oxygen which has helped.

Overall, he his sats look good but it is very evident that there is something brewing. Please pray for this bug to work quickly through his system.


Krista said...

Poor little guy. It must be so hard for him to be at that age and not understand what is going on. He is such a tough guy! Could the temp be something as simple as him fussing and getting hot? It sounds crazy, I know.

Hang in there, God has a plan for all of you and thanks so much for the update. I know I start to wirry when it has been a while. How is the clot doing? Any improvement there?

Love to all of you,

Steph and Mitch T said...

Ha-Mitch told me not to be blowing kisses as we passed by! I am so sorry that your little man is sick. I was just so sure this would be a "normal" week of just sitting and waiting, you getting to be a mom. We will be praying that it is only a virus and that it is over VERY quickly.

Steph T