Friday, January 05, 2007

We have had a long day. As you know, Jaden went back at 8:30. We did not hear anything until 10:30 when they called to say that they were not able to get the line in his neck that they needed for the procedure but they were still working on it. Then at 11:30 they called to say they finally got a line in. They did not say where but they got one in and were going to start.

Then at 12:30 the Dr. came out to tell us some bad news. He instantly said Jaden was fine but there were some problems. They found that his left pulmanary artery is only 2 cm where it should be about 7 cm so they will attempt to put in a stent and open it up to 6 cm. Normally there is only a small area that is narrowed but Jaden's entire artery is narrowed. This can be very hard to fix and could cause some problems as well. Due to the narrowing of the PA there were some additional vessels that were automatically produce by his body. They are going to attempt to close them up by putting on coils. The other thing that they found was where they attached his artery to his pulmanary artery they found that it was also narrow. They will also attempt to open it up wider by putting in some type of medical ballon.

At 1:15 they called to let us know that they have finished putting the stent into the artery and will work on the other problems.

On top of all of this that is going on, they found that where they were trying to put the line in the neck area that is ended up being an old clot. This obviously is from his last surgery. So the Dr. is really worried that he has a clotting disorder so they have already sent blood up to be checked for that. This could cause major problems for him depending on what they find.

In other words, we need tons of prayers as there is a lot we now have to work through.

We will update later but please get those prayers pouring in. Thank you, Steph and Sal


Kristin said...

Of course we are praying! How frustrating and emotionally taxing this all must be on you...

God is a God of miracles. Isn't that good to know? How many families that are finding themselves in similar situations with children and medical issues have the comfort that you (and we!) have from knowing that God is in charge of all of this!

Thanks for the update...


Steph and Mitch T said...

I am so thankful that you have been diligent and persistant in seeking out answers. I just wish the answers were a little easier to swallow. :(

I called the school to alert the staff to pray and also called the church. She is able to get something put in the bulletin, plus she will also alert the prayer chain.

Big hugs,
Steph T

Sara Wester said...

Steph and Sal,
I hope things are going better by now. I'm sending all my prayers your way.