Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Jaden had his CT Scan and another Spinal Tap done today. The Spinal Tap came out really good. He had pressure last week of 20 and today it was 14. This is in a normal range and they were all very pleased with what they had found. The CT Scan came back with pretty much everything at normal. The only thing that was not normal was the liver. It is not seen as a problem as there was only a little section where blood had not gotten to and the liver grows back with no problems.

So after everyone got together and reviewed all that has happened, they all believe that we should go home and give Jaden some time to re-adjust to the different pressures in his body. They are hoping that the changes they had to make to his heart is just taking a lot longer then it normally would and that he will be fine very soon.

So we will be going home tomorrow. We still need a lot of prayers as we still are not 100% sure what is causing the discomfort he is still having. We do not want to go home and then have to come right back again. Thank you to everyone as we have gotten so much support and it has helped us tremendously.


Sara Wester said...

I'm so happy Jaden's test results were good. I bet you'll be thrilled to get back home and maybe even get some sleep! I'll continue to pray for Jaden's recovery.

Steph and Mitch T said...

I hope that packing, etc, and discharge are going well today. You know Jaden will be happy to have his stroller ride down the elevator and then not have to come back. I am praying you will not be right back down there again, and also that you will be able to enjoy being at home no matter how much time it is.

I was just thinking today that it ought to be time to get Jaden moving on some more solid foods and that will be so much easier at home!! =)

Steph T

Myrna Rettegi said...

God is so good. He has heard our prayers and
shown us His loving mercy and grace for Jaden
and given you grace to deal with this in your lives.

Keep on keeping on and praise Him every day for
your children and all he has provided for including
the doctors.

I am here every day checking up on your progress
and journey. Yesterday I contacted a Bible group
on the internet and they will now be praying for Jaden also

All my love. Myrna