Friday, January 05, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Today has been a long one. After they were done fixing Jaden up they brought him up to PICU. We then meet with the team that was in the procedure room and went through all that had happened. They ended up placing a stent in the artery, they ballooned another area and coiled another area which was sending to much blood to the lungs. They are hoping that this will solve the problems he is having with the pressure. They are not sure if it will help as one of the areas they worked on did not seem to change anything.

So now we will just watch and see for the next day or two if he is more comfortable. Jenni, one of the nurse practitioner's got an actual stent with a catheter that had a balloon on it. She showed us how they insert it and then blow up the balloon which blows up the stent. It was amazing to see. Jaden had an echo right away to check everything as well as an x-ray.

Since Jaden is in the PICU, we are not allowed to sleep in the room with him. So Sal and I will be rotating sitting in the the glider in his room. When we are not in the room, we will be sleeping in the lounge. Steph T. came down and is staying with the kids at the RMH and will be watching them tomorrow for us. She will bring them back and forth from there to the hospital. Ronald McDonald is supposed to come and visit tomorrow. The kids have missed him every time and have been waiting so long to meet him so hopefully they won't miss him tomorrow.

I am off so I can go and relieve Sal. We will keep you posted on his progress and what we find with the pressure in his head.


Kelly said...

Hopefully this will work itself out and relieve some of his pain. He is a tough little guy. Stay strong and know that he will pull through this. And also know that you have a lot of support behind you....

Anonymous said...

You're such a strong family and so lucky to have such great people for friends to help out wherever needed! Jaden is a fighter, he's proven that. Prayers, prayers and prayers to your whole family and support network! Megan