Monday, January 15, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Our time home has been very good. Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday was a little difficult. Jaden was still pretty fussy and not that comfortable.

Friday night and the rest of the weekend went really well. Jaden was more content and was playing a lot. We still had to sit by him when he played. When we got up he still would cry.

He also has been sleeping a lot better as well. We have only had to get up 4-6 times a night which is a big improvemnet. Yesterday late afternoon he did start to get more uncomfortable over all. He was up again more last night. This morning though he did wonderful and played in the living room and I was able to even be in the kitchen. He did this for about 45 minutes. It was a huge accomplishment.

Now we just need to keep seeing these improvements of him sleeping well at night, being more comfortable all the time and also eating better. He has been drinking his bottles fine but wants nothing to do with jar food. We have tried all kinds and kinds he used to like but he now likes nothing.

I will post a picture soon and even a clip with him laughing. He has been actually doing that some too which is wonderful.


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

Yeah Jaden!, keep up the laughing.

Thanks for the new post .

It was good to hear you and Sal may be able to get a little more rest too. I'm sure every little bit helps.

Love, Mattie

myrna Rettegi said...

Hi Stephie,

So happy to hear the great news!!!! Jaden's all
over my refrigerator and I smile every time I
open it.

We are praying for a complete recovery and I
can't wait to see the new pictures.

Love from all of us here. Myrna

kelly b said...

Glad to hear of some improvement from your update! Every little bit helps. I just wish you could all get a good nights sleep going forward. Can't wait to see cute pictures.

Krista said...

Way to go Jaden! We are glad to hear that everything is improving. Sleep is so good for the body and we have resigned to the fact that we will be sleep deprived for the next 17 years. By then we won't want to sleep in anymore.

I bet Ashley and Ethan were so glad to spend the week-end as a family. You will have lots of happy memories.

I am glad that we are able to support all of you as you go through this. I can't imagine how you get things done with all that has been going on.

Take care and here are some hugs from Mankato.


Krista said...

Just checking in to see how your week went. I think of you guys often and hope that things are going well.

Have a great week-end.