Friday, January 05, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Jaden is getting his Heart Cath. right now. They took him back around 8:30 a.m. to sedate him, intibate him and work on getting his lines in. They said this first step will take about 1 hour. After they are all prepared, it will take a good 2 hours to do the rest. They will be checking pressures and looking to see if the narrowing that they had detected earlier which they did not think was a problem, is truely the problem. If it is a problem, they will put a balloon or a stent in.

We will hope all goes well and that the procedure goes uncomplicated. We will also hope they find what is causing the pressure so they can fix it and then Jaden can be happy and comfortable again.

When they are done with the procedure, they will have to monitor him and watch to see when he is ready to be extibated. Hopefully this will not take long.

We will update as soon as we know what is going on and after things settle down. Thank you all for the prayers.

Love, Sal and Steph


kelly b said...

Thanks for the update. Get some rest if you can while Jaden is having the heart cath. Much love from your "realative" Tia Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Ethan, I have a present for you and I hope your baby brother is feeling good. Call me and let me know when you can play on the weekend. Haley W
(as written by her Mom)

Anonymous said...

The "G" Family- you're all in our prayers and thoughts. It's great having so many updates so we can keep current with our prayers. Just wondering if the kids will be home on the weekends to play or will they be coming to the hospital. Haley is grounded this weekend but would love to play with both Ash and Ethan when they are around. Love and hugs, Megan

Anonymous said...

Sal and Steph,

We are down here in Fla. and have been since Dec. 13, so didn't know that Jaden is having so much discomfort. I have read through all your letters since Dec. so now I am up-to-date as of Mon.

Our new little granddaughter was born on Mon. the 15th, so it was a long day for us, but she is a sweetie and well worth waiting for. They named her Sylvia Hope and all seems to be fine.

We will certainly be praying for all of you and I truly hope Jaden has been improving over the last couple days. We will keep posted by reading your letters as you post them.

Love you all lots,

Marlys and Roy