Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Steph T. updating again! Well, when Steph & Sal arrived at the hospital with Jaden this a.m. they took him straight to the floor without admitting him to ask what their options were. If treated as an outpatient, it could take weeks to get all the tests done that the doctors are recommending. They did say that if they admitted Jaden, there would not be an immediate need for any iv's and that if Steph & Sal just felt like things were dragging along or getting nowhere that they could check Jaden out themselves. So they agreed to admit him.

They met with lots of cardiologists and a neurologist (who happens to have a fantastic sense of humor). They had some initial bloodwork as well. Everyone there is stumped, but they all agree that something is wrong. The neurologist says from his initial examination that he does not think it is a neurology issue (He joked that it is "Gonzalez syndrome"). The cardiologists do not think it is a heart issue. They will keep Jaden overnight and tomorrow he will be sedated and have a heart cath done. While he is sedated they will also go ahead and do all the neurology checks that they need to do. Since this is pretty major, Jaden will for sure be staying tomorrow night and they are not sure how long after that. Steph asked what will happen if tomorrow's tests come back "normal" and they said that they would keep him until they either figure it out or Jaden gets better.

There is no question that Jaden understands where he is at. He freaks out when anyone comes near him. :( Steph & Sal took him for a walk (he loves the elevators and being in his strollers), and he was so happy while they were "out," even though in pain. When they got back to the floor and saw a nurse, Jaden started crying. It must be so hard to watch him going through this and not know what to do to help.

Everyone is trying hard to think outside the box, but it is obvious that there is no clear answer at this point, and they are starting with the obvious tests, even though it doesn't seem like they will find an answer. Jaden and his doctors need your prayers!

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