Monday, January 08, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

The Dr.s all came in this morning after talking and we have all agreed on doing a CT scan of Jaden's abdominal area. We will do that tomorrow morning at 9am. At that time, we will also do another Spinal Tap to re-check his pressures. If after these tests we find nothing, we will put him on some medication which is to help with relieving pressure.

No one really knows what should be done next so we are trying to cover every area. So we will have to put another line in Jaden in order to do this. We have already talked with Barry who has gotten 3 of his lines in the past and he is already preparing. Hopefully he will be able to get it in in one try like the past. We need lots of prayers for Barry and his ability, for Jaden and the strength he needs and for us to find some answers.


Anonymous said...

Sal & Steph, received your blog site via the prayer chain. You and your family are in our prayers. May God be your strength during this most difficult days. Len & Sandi

Karen said...

Steph & Sal, We continue to pray for strength for your family, especially sweet Jaden. You have all shown tremendous strength through all of this. Now, we will add Barry to this prayer list - to give him strength & knowledge as one more time he has to put in a line. We hope that it all goes smoothly and you can soon fine a reason for all of this!

Sending lots of hugs your way -
Sam & Karen

Kelly B said...

Well first I have to make a shout out to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA GEEF!! Glad Jaden gave you the gift of comfort even if it was only for a few minutes...
We also need prayers for Steph & Sal especially as they have not gotten much sleep since Jaden's surgery (I never know how to spell that word). Despite their lack of sleep, we also need to pray for Steph & Sal to feel clear in their minds when making decisions and that God gives them strength when their energy is low.

Sara Wester said...

I've been praying for your little darling. I hope Jaden is feeling better today.