Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Steph T updating again. I just talked to Steph a little while ago and she was holding a sleeping Jaden so her hands were full. :)Sal spent another night with Jaden last night and Steph was pulling the early morning shift.

This morning she was talking with the neurologist and he made his cute little comment that he was going to go "off stage" to talk with the rest of the team. Steph asked why he couldn't just bring the team in so that she could be included in the conversation/brainstorming. So he did...the whole gang of them came in before too long. :) Here is the deal. Yesterday Jaden seemed to be improving some, and they suppose it is because pressure from the fluid had been relieved some. However last night he developed a fever of 102.7 and an odd rash. The rash was large bumps at first (like mosquito bites) and today the bumps have subsided and they are more like red spots. So what is the fever and rash from? And how is Jaden feeling today?

The fever and rash could either be a virus that needs to work through his system, or it could be an allergic reaction to the sedation meds they used yesterday. Jaden is back to feeling as crummy as he was at home. :(

When they did an echo, they noticed that an artery is narrowing some, and it was not a concern. But now they think that it may be related to (a cause of?) the fluid pressure. It has been decided that a heart cath is definitely necessary. When they do the heart cath they will be able to see things better and also will be able to either insert a balloon or a stint if needed. But there is the issue of the fever now as well. Do they do the heart cath tomorrow (Friday) morning and risk extra complications? The other option is to wait until Monday or Tuesday of next week. If they decide to wait, then there is the issue of Jaden being so uncomfortable. There is a pain med that they can give him over the weekend to make him feel better, but what if he is having a reaction to the sedation and what if he reacts to this med as well? How will anyone know what is the reaction and what is the cause?

Needless to say, Steph and Sal have a lot of things to consider along with the doctors over the next few hours. On top of that we have sweet Ashley and Ethan waiting at home for their mommy and daddy and also confused about what is going on. Steph's heart is so torn between her children! Either way they go, Jaden will definitely be staying in the hospital over the weekend, and hopefully Steph and Sal will have enough energy to keep up the rotations. They are doing so great with him!!

Please pray for Jaden especially, but also remember the rest of the family in your prayers as well.


Sara Wester said...

Steph and Sal,
My heart goes out to both of you! I know how difficult it is to be pulled in so many directions. I pray Jaden's fever and rash
go away so that the doctors can proceed with solving the problem.

Kristin said...

Still praying for that little guy, and for the rest of you as well. Hope you can enjoy your weekend despite the 'setbacks'.

Love you!