Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gonzalez's Heart

Things have been going very well for us. It feels so nice that we can get settled back into our routine once again. We have been very busy trying to catch up with all that fell behind.

Ashley is doing better in school since we have returned home. She has a dance performance this Saturday and a gymnastics performance in February along with her 7th birthday.

Ethan is a smart guy. I went to pre-school with him last Friday and he showed me how smart he really is. He was spelling words that most kids don't spell until they get to kindergarten. I was so proud of him. Some of the little girls in his class were fighting over who got to work with him through out the entire class period.

Ash and Ethan are both excelling in swimming lessons and love the water. They are also having a lot of fun going to Awana every week.

Jaden is doing much better. He is getting a little more independent during the day and will actually let me set him down some now. He still is not sleeping well at night and he still is not eating any jar foods. He is eating his bottles wonderfully though and is gaining some good weight. I will be keeping on top of his not eating things other then his bottles. I do not want it to get so bad that they want to do something about it later. I will keep working hard on this one. I need no reason to be sent anywhere. We are meeting with Occupational Therapy to see if they can help.

Sal and I are very busy trying to get our mechanic shop in full swing now. I am working on the flyer and business cards. We will pass the flyers out, mail some and post some in local business's, our church and school. We are excited to see it get busier. FedEx is as busy as ever for us as well. We just purchased another truck yesterday.

Thank you in abundance for all of your continued love and support. We have so many wonderful people in our lives and we are truly blessed.

Love to you all, Steph


Kurt and Mattie Krueger said...

What a blessing to hear all our loved ones are doing so very well....

Way to go Ashley and Ethan !!! Show them all how it is done.

Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of the dance and gymnastics.

Awana is so much fun, lots of memories to carry you through all the choices you have ahead in life. Giving you both all the tools , support, and understanding of how to make the right choices and you have strong parents teaching you Gods way.

Super Star , Way to go Jaden drink the bottles, sleep , maybe a STEAK and Mash potatoes.

You are all truly blessed and loved by us all and we are all blessed by all of you.


Kelly b said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like as you say, things are busy as usual, but the fam is happy, especially being able to be together. I am also happy to hear that at least Jaden is allowing you some freedom with your arms. I continue to pray for Jaden and your whole family! Love you guys!