Friday, November 13, 2009

We got home right after the kids got home from school yesterday and we surprised them. The second we walked in the door Ethan broke down and sobbed. I had to hold him on my lap for a long time. It was as if he was holding it all in until the second we were home and safe. He then continued to hug me all night long. He went to touch one of Jadens "war wounds" and Jaden said no and started crying so then Ethan started crying because he felt so bad for Jaden. He told me he loved me about 10 times last night and said I was the best mom in the world a few times as well. Ashley just sat by Jaden very quietly through out the night. Sal had surprised us all with some gifts to open. So we had a very good time with each other last night and we look forward to this weekend to just hang out.

Today Jaden has been very mellow and quiet. A Home Care nurse came this morning and Jaden was very scared of her coming near him. We worked through it very slowly and he did just fine. His oxygen was at 91. Awesome. Then at naptime he was crying and scared to go to bed. So I had to hold him, then lay beside him touching him the whole time. Then once he was asleep I could leave the room.

He does not want to change clothes at all and wants to keep his zip up short zipped up all of the way. It is so sad how he is so worried about his chest. It will take time I know but it is just sad to see him have to go through all of this.


Anonymous said...

How great that you are all at home together!! Just hang out and keep things as normal and quiet as you can over the week-end - -before you know it, Jaden will be his old self again! Great news!!


J said...

I'm so glad you are home! Thanks for keeping us posted - continued prayers for you all!

Jessie Z

janelle said...

Your posting made me cry with tears of joy and sadness. Sadness that you all had to go through all of this and joy that you are home and on the mend. Love and prayers. Janelle and Terry

Krista said...

It is so great that all of you are home and together. It will be great to get back into a routine.

What a special family you guys are. All that you have been through and you are truly an inspiration. I don't know that if we were going through the same thing that I could keep it all together as you do.

Ken and I are really trying to get God right now and it has been a great experience. We were so busy and just going through the motions and getting back into it is great and letting God take the worries and troubles and carrying those for us. It is easy to se hHim working through all of you!

Take care and looking forward to an update.

Love and hugs from Mankato.

dana said...

glad to hear you guys got to go home!! Talk to you soon!!

dana, troy & olive :)

Kelly said...

It makes me want to cry to hear how everyone reacted to this last part of the journey. Ethan has always had such a tender heart like that and Ashley, acting so grown up, just sitting there being a silent support for everyone. Aaaww. Despite the trials of Jaden's surgery, it has brought out a lot in all of the kids.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Where's Wally?

Anonymous said...


Are you sleeping? Narcolepsy perhaps?