Wednesday, November 04, 2009

They got Jaden up in PICU and started to get him all situated. He has 3 chest tubes in to help with drainage of extra fluids. He has 3 IV's - one in his neck, one in his wrist and one in his foot. He had another one in his other foot but that was out and the nurse said her guess was it blew out. He is intibated, which is what helps him breath. His mouth is taped like a little fish.

Sal and I came to see him first and then everyone else took a turn. There can only be 2 people in the PICU at a time so I stayed in the whole time and Sal sent everyone in one by one. It is very hard to see Jaden like this and everyone deals very differently. Ashley handled it pretty well and when she left she had told Jaden she loved him. Of course he is still heavily sedated so he is non-responsive but she said it anyway. Ethan had a pretty hard time. In fact he has had the hardest time. He has been acting up alot and really struggling. When he came in to see Jaden he looked at him and then asked why his eyes were open since he was supposed to be sleeping. There is also lubrication on his eyes to help keep them moist and he asked about that as well. He then touched his hands and was done and wanted to leave. Now they are just trying to balance his blood pressure and oxygen levels with the sedation and pain killer medicines. Jaden keeps wanting to wake up and then they have to bump his Fetenal & Versed (sp) but then his pressures go down. So it will be a balancing act all night.

So I slipped out and took a shower and then I quick just ate dinner. Then I came back so Sal could go eat. We are both really tired but it is hard to sleep when Jaden is still not stable. So I will try to send Sal to rest for awhile.


Kristin said...

Know that I'm praying.



Anonymous said...

We're praying for strength for all of you. Jaden knows that you're there with him - that's SO important!!

Sam & Karen

Christine said...

Hey guys, I keep praying for you. I know exactly what you are going through. Remember, its a two steps forward, one step back thing with this surgery. It a big adjustment for his lungs. Keep in mind he's going to be pretty miserable until they get those chest tubes out. Just try to focus on the victories of the day. It took Brice a long time to recovery from this surgery. But look at him now. Brice wants to come down on Sunday to visit. What do you think? Call my cell if you're up for it. 320.398.2936